House G / Uniquely Modern Home Interior Design


We are no doubt about this unique house which will make everyone falls in love for the first time because of the area rug clearance, it is a house design a project undertaken by Mazwan Architects + Urbanist and it was finished in a few years ago. The house is located in Geldermalsen. For looking good inspirations, we are sure for you that his house can be able to make the enjoyable living with unique and different looking.

Church Near High Attic Roof Also Arch Windows Also Door

This unique house design has a characteristic that are a wall made of red bricks and outdoor area rug clearance. There are shape of the building and the old classic appearance. Nevertheless, at times like this, this house became looking different and more interesting. Perhaps it is becoming an interesting this house. Meanwhile, the furniture in the home was selected from quality materials. So, although the materials made from the wood, it is selected in high quality.

We can see that the kitchen space is so elegant. The room is still using wood on the roof backer. However, this room actually looks very interesting, meanwhile, on select kitchen appliances from quality materials. The modern concept is into a preferred topic in this room. Modern kitchen set is really interesting to be a good place for cooking. Moreover, for the storage place and some other electronics kitchen set are placed on the right which makes the room keeps looking so tidy and modern.

Dining Room Decorated Inside Industrial Style Near Expossed Beams

TV Room Also Dining Space Near Wooden Table Also Red Chairs

White Painted Wall Also Grey Concrete Flooring Near Red Chairs

TV On Center Wall Clear Rug Also Colored Throw Pillows

The walls are white became the dominant color in this house. Single room which is collaborated with the other room gives the minimalist space for the divider wall. The room is so warm with a glass roof as the solar panels. But the room is still very comfortable, because the roof is made of wood into a retaining heat. Most of the walls of the room in use as a storage area books. Unique house design plans which apply large area rug clearance is very unusual in concept, moreover it is interesting and smart ideas.

Contrast Floor To Ceiling Bookcase For Library

Collectible Books Stored Inside Floor To Ceiling Bookcase Near Ventilation

Area Constructed Near Wooden Floor Clear Painted Ceiling Also Wall

Covering Attic Ceiling Illuminated Aside Arch Window

Dark Velvet Sofas Beautified Near Woven Ball Item