House FF / Modern Open Air Home Overlooking the Swimming Pool


Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos design a contemporary open air home called House FF in Avenida Nordelta, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Completed in 2012. The living room has two themes space. By opening the sliding panels, the indoor living space turns into outdoor straightforward to the open air swimming pool. Wood is the appropriate flooring element covering the ground and cladding the ceiling. Stylish furniture sets enhance the splendor recent model of the interior design. Perfect lighting setting also provides a tender illumination elevating the wooden structures demeanor.

This home is one of the modest open air home designs for the rectangular shape of the construction showing every interior design through the comprehensive installation of the clear and wide glass. It is so visible from the outside because of the flawless lighting of the outdoor and indoor lamps setting. Hyaline pool water escalates the brilliant illumination in accordance with the interior. Moreover, the rectangular form of exterior gives a core for the swimming pool shape. It exhibits a romantic scene to look at this house design.

Bright Look Of House FF Upper Flor Space Displaying Master Bedroom Brightened Aside Bright Ceiling Along Near Cove Lamps

Eye Catching Transparency Installed On Both Floor Levels Of House FF Near Mounted Volume To Offer Cantilever

Transparency of the glass wall makes this house like a big showcase. It shows off all the contemporary properties and the elegance of the simple but fashionable residence. Move to the front of this house, still in showcase theme design, concrete structure keeps the firmness style of angled and rectangular architecture design. Bamboo plants seem to be the balancing decor for the front exterior. The plants look so alive with the in-ground lamps setting under the planters.

Open space concept is suitable for urban living home. Business lifestyle requires a quick access in the living spaces. This house presents the concept of border-less rooms and visibility interior to allow the outside scene and lighting coming through indoor spaces. Thus, this neoteric living cave may become the inspiring open air house designs to expose the interior beauty over the glass wall.

Amazing House FF Deck Space Decorated Near Natural Growing Plants Illuminated Aside Ground Along Near Ceiling Lamps

Inviting House FF Front Yard Landscaping Plan Integrating Large Green Manicured Turfs Hardscape Along Near Bright Lighting

Large House FF Unitary Room Involving Warm Living Along Near Dining Room Seen From Clear Parallel Cooking Room

Mysterious House FF Inground Swimming Pool Constructed Near No Liner Illuminated Aside Dim Lighting From Interior

Open House FF Deck Covered Aside Concrete Cantilever To Connect Inground Pool Along Near Home Living Room Interior

Photography by : Quiroga Carrafa