House 780 by Stephenson ISA Studio | Modern White Home Style with Green Building Landscape


The House 780 is a modern white home with green building landscape that is brilliantly designed by Stephenson ISA Studio. Located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom this modern home wonderfully features the bright and clean white paint color both for its exterior and interior designs. We really love how this simple touch can provide a truly impressive look as this white residence is beautifully built in a lovely neighborhood with lush greeneries surrounding.

The simple continuous and long rectangular shape beautifully follows the green building landscape to embrace the beauty thoroughly. Well, just take a look at how this beautiful home blends easily with its green yard with lush trees neighboring. You can also find how this modern home white paint may contrast not only the greeneries, but also the beautiful blue skies for truly captivating look, making this home totally lovely to see especially during a beautiful sunny day.

White Colored Outer Wall Which Is Made From Concrete

Vast Garden Which Is Filled Near Green Grass Along With High Tree

White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Silver Outer Blind Windows

Soft Grey Colored Garage Door Which Is Made From Wood

You can also find the transparent glass wall accenting this home exterior. Needless to say, this fixture can help this home to establish a strong indoor-outdoor connection, making its interior is surely comfortable. Let’s enter the living area to show you how its transparent glass wall can easily integrate the scenery to make this room even more comfortable.

White Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete

Several High Clear Colored Back Chairs Which Have Silver Feet

It is all thanks to the bright white interior of this modern home which can integrate the natural blue and green colors easily. Just imagine how great it is to spend the leisure times with your family here. Yet, the interior design itself is really astonishing. The choice of stylish modern furniture to make the times spent here truly comfortable can provide the beautiful accent too. Well, just take a look at how the brown sofa can contrast this bright and airy room while weighing down the light atmosphere.

Find the flaunting and dramatic wooden accent as part of this modern home minimalist interior. Just take a look at this kitchen island with sink design, which features the wooden texture to make this minimalist space simply flaunting. Except the green building landscape for decorative element, there is also the sleek black accent provided by kitchen cabinetry to make this modern white paint for interior simply even more fascinating.

Dark Brown Colored Floor Made From Wooden Material

Several Silver Colored Faucets Which Are Made From Stainless Steel

Light Brown Colored Wooden Vanity Along With Black LCD Screen

Grey Colored Patio Which Is Made From Concrete

Soft Cream Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks

Grey Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Along With Bright Cream Lighting


Photography : Courtesy of Stephenson ISA Studio