Home Design Concept with Ocean Scenery View : Fish House by Guz Architects


This is unusual home design concept called Fish House, located in Singapore, was designed by Guz Architects. The modern design makes the people feel comfort stay in that home. Even more, they feel proud of that home because the current home increases the social status. This appealing house has an ocean view which can refresh your mind after working and studying all days. If you interest in this room, you can see these pictures here.

Floating Guz Fish House Among Incredible Blue Infinity Swimming Pool Design Covered By Wooden Cantilevers

These are some pictures of that modern house. This home gives the best ocean scenery view for you. See, the house is designed with the white and wooden wall. Some parts of the wall have a glass window and glass wall. It is modern design concept. Near the big fresh swimming pool is the porch. The porch has some table sets. The first set is the white chairs and second table set is the white and blue chairs around the table. They stand on the white flooring. By sitting in that seat, they can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.

See the family room then. It is particular room because this room design is unusual. You know there are some comfortable seats in front of the television. This television doesn’t be put in the storage or table. But, this stuff is put on the floor. Well, there are a black sofa, red sofa with red pillows and yellow sofa in front of the television. In the middle of the couch is the circle table.

Island Among Lawn Also Palm Trees Surrounded By Clear Blue Swimming Pool To Beautify Guz Fish House

Guz Fish House Living Room Interior Furnished Among Red Couch Green Chair Also Black Bench And Glass Coffee Table

See the theater room after that. It is like the other room. This room is designed in a unique design. It is usual for the theater room uses the big television screen. But, this room uses medium video with some sofa models. The individual performance from this room is the LED light system which is employed in this place. The combination of modern design ideas in architecture and lighting system show the best performance.

Guz Fish House Theater Room Interior Designed Among Glass Also Colorful Furniture Sets Placed Near Green Carpet

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Guz Fish House Large Bathroom Interior Designed under Open Floor Plan Setting Among Wooden Ceiling Also Walls

Fish House - Beautiful Pool

Guz Fish House Backyard Area Featured Among Green Manicured Lawn, Island Style Area With Growing Palm Trees Near Pool Center

Fish House - Guz Architects

Rooftop Garden Area from Guz Fish House Designed Among Cool Mount Setting Also Some Bushes As Greenery

View from Lake Or Ocean Seen From Incredible Rooftop Garden Protected By Clear Glass Fences Surrounding Garden

Arc Roof Model from Guz Fish House Covered under Gray To Keep Lower Area from House Shady Also Leafy as Relaxing

Guz Fish House Swimming Pool Area Among Stylish Isolated Island To Keep Pool Relaxing Also Eye Catching

Photography by : Patrick Bingham Hall