GV-17 House / SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti


GV-17 House that is designed by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti (2013) really applies the Archetypal Idea for both exterior and interior design. With grey color dominates the exterior wall even for the rooftop, the exterior becomes so gorgeous. In addition, located in Sveti Martin Na Muri, Crotia. This suburbs house becomes so perfect with surrounded green lawn.

For the main exterior design, actually, concrete wall is painted with white color with some glass panels are installed on it. In addition, the second floor is designed in floating design so that the front porch really looks so enchanting. With green lawn at both backyard and front yard, the exterior design of the suburbs house become more complete. The flat design for the rooftop is indeed so lavish since it is designed in sloping design and flat design. With chimney top made from aluminum material, the exterior of the suburbs house looks so lavish. For the main exterior wall, indeed, concrete veneer is applied since it makes the Family Home Suburban Exterior seems so great.

GV-17 House by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti

Authentic GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Green Lawn Also Aluminum Chimney With Sloping Rooftop Design Along With Small Porch

Astonishing GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Minimalist Design Also Sloping Ceiling With Aluminum Chimney Along With Green Lawn Also Glass Panel For Bedroom

Talking about its interior design, the kitchen bar made from fabric material looks so great covered by wooden veneer. The kitchen stools also seem so great because the white egg panel is installed on aluminum structure. In addition, under the stairs that are made from wooden material, small shelves are installed on it. Since the interior wall is painted in white color, the floor installation is better installed with granite tiles. Since the floor is not that glossy, the interior of the suburbs house looks so elegant.

Lavish GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Small Mini Bars With Kitchen Stools Also Wooden Veneer For Countertop Along With Shelves On Stairs

Passionate GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Black Sofa With Black Cushion With Timber Coffee Table Along With Square Fireplace As Well As Clear Interior Design

Move again to exterior design, at night, the interior lamp really illuminates the brightest lamp installation. In addition, the house is surrounded with green lawn. Indeed, by building a family house in suburbs area, the exterior design looks as classy built in urban area.

Adorable GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Asphalt Road Near Green Lawn With Concrete Fence Also Floating Floor For Second Floor Along With Sloping Rooftop Design

Classy GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Green Lawn Along With Clear Exterior Wall With Sloping Design With Aluminum Chimney As Well As Sparkling Interior Lamp

Classy GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Green Lawn Along With Floating Floor Plan For Second Floor With Aluminum Chimney As Well As Small Front Porch

Magnificent GV 17 Sangrad Residence Near Large Green Lawn Also Clear Exterior Along With Front Porch Also Exterior Lamp With Chandelier Lamp As Well As Sloping Ceiling Design