G House by Fleming + Hernandez Architects | Small Open Patio for Modern Architecture Application in Small Residence


A modern architecture was applied in a modern house with a small open patio by Fleming + Hernandez Architects. Located in Gladesville NSW, Australia, this project was named as the G House. It has only a small space to live, dominated with grey exterior combined with lots of opened parts. A simple yard is added, and they made a perfect fusion as a dwelling. You can follow this article for further information.

We will start from the exterior walls. They have a unique pattern to show. Some parts are left in bricked pattern looks; some are left in vertical linings. The bricked parts are colored in red brick, while the upper vertical patterned walls are grey. Both of the levels are applied by lots of big transparent windows everywhere. On the back yard, see a simple green grass area is provided. Completed with a small open patio, the modern architecture design here is perfect.

Grey Colored Floor Along With Glass Sliding Door Which Has Clear Colored Wooden Frame

House Near Grey Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks Along With Glass Sliding Door

G House Architecture Near Black Colored Comfy Sectional Sofa Along With Dark Brown Wooden Table

G House by Fleming + Hernandez Architects

House Near Dark Colored Outer Wall Made From Timber Along With Transparent Glass Sliding Door

In the living room, only least furniture was provided. The seating is interesting. A black contemporary chaise with tufted upholstery stands on the sleek grey flooring. Orange and green cushions are there too to support your comfort. Also a squared wooden coffee table is being the center of the room. The living room has a collaboration of black and white walls. Some built-in storage is created as bookshelf or space for small decorations. Aren’t they pretty?

Dark Brown Colored Low Table Which Is Made From Timber Along With Black Tufted Sofa

Dark Brown Comfy Sofa Along With Clear Colored Kitchen Island Made From Marble

Dark Brown Wooden Wall Along With Dark Brown Colored Wooden Low Table

Black Colored Fireplace Frame Along With Silver Inner Frame Made From Stainless Steel

Dark Brown Colored Wooden Chair On Corner Along With Light Brown Wooden Floor

Last in this article is the dining room. It is completed with a wooden dining set. The dining table is huge, rectangular and wooden. 6 wooden dining chairs with nice back seats are also implemented there. In this room, you can see some big paintings are hanging on the white wall. And to enlighten the room, two lamps are added on the white ceiling, right above the table. Check out also the contemporary kitchen setting. Sure you will like the small open patio for modern architecture design concepts completely.

Light Brown Colored Wooden Chairs Along With Clear Colored Pendant Lamps

Dark Brown Colored Wooden Wall Along With Bright Green Lime Backsplash

Dark Brown Colored Wooden Wall Along With Clear Colored Marble Kitchen Island

G House by Fleming + Hernandez Architects - Interior

House Near Clear Colored Marble Washtafel Along With Silver Faucet Which Is Made From Stainless Steel

Photography by : Tom Ferguson