Farihaven Residence: Dream Square Resort Designed Minimalist in Australia


Talking about Farihaven Residence, John Wardle Architects will say that this Dream Square Resort is the best resort on earth. With minimalist design for both exterior and interior design, the resort really has the most enchanting decoration. In addition, the glass panel that is used for both floors make the resort has the perfect view nook.

Fairhaven Residence by John Wardle Architects

The black color that is applied as main color for the house is also considered as the perfect option since it contrasts the glass panel. However, at night, the interior lamp really illuminates some blinking lights that make the exterior looks so lavish. For a square resort, actually, the rooftop is designed in sloping design so that the resort is merely like a trapezoid resort. With almost all exterior wall is installed with glass panel, the resort really has the various spots for a view nook. Located near the seashore of Victoria Beach in Australia, the Dream Vacation Resorts becomes the best living place. In addition, some tropical plants really make the exterior design becomes so complete.

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For the outdoor foyer, the fabric bench is painted in white color so that the resort has the most enchanting decoration. With some corral stones are spread along the outdoor pathways, the exterior design of the resort looks more lavish. In addition, near the foyer, the floor is designed in floating design so that the small garden is very fascinating under it. The small room near the foyer is also designed in minimalist style with sliding door installed on wooden frame. Moreover, the patio is decorated with cedar hardwood for the floor installation.

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Indeed, with the minimalist design and some combination of resort restoration, the exterior is so complete. For the interior design, the minimalist design is also applied by combining modern furnishings. Therefore, as Dream Vacation Club Resorts, the resort really has the most lavish decoration.

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Photographs: Trevor Mein