Enchanting Portable Fireplace for Contemporary Terrace and Patio


Designed for contemporary terrace and patio, Portable Fireplace brings the imperfectness to perfect design. As complementary furnishing and applied to outdoor heater, the fireplace becomes the most popular furnishing for both urban and rural people. In addition, it can also make the terrace and patio becomes so enchanting.

Flaming appearance of outdoor fireplace is indeed looked so enchanting since it is looked like an electrical effect. In fact, the effect is real since the fireplace is designed in such way. Made from aluminum material, the fireplace is filled by liquid refined oil so that the fire can be triggered. Placed it on wooden table at the terrace or patio really makes the exterior design more enchanting. In addition, natural decoration for the terrace or patio that is dominated by wooden decoration is perfectly making the exterior design is looked classier. Indeed, applying Small Portable Fireplace must be really so perfect for exterior design of both urban and suburban residences.

Modfire - Modern Outdoor Fireplace
Modfire – Modern Outdoor Fireplace. (Via : pithandvigor.com)

For central patio at the middle of the residence, small wooden garden table is looked so perfect with outdoor fireplace for heater. Made from cedar wood, indeed, the decoration becomes more enchanting. However, for outdoor terrace, plastic furnishings are the best one because it is waterproof. In addition, tropical savanna and some subtropical trees make the exterior design more adorable. Whether the folding chair of outdoor terrace is made from plastic material and painted in blue color. Indeed, wooden table can perfectly beautify the outdoor terrace design.

Applying sectional sofa can also make the outdoor patio so enchanting since parachute parasol is also applied. With marble countertop for garden table, the outdoor fireplace embosses glossy appearance. Therefore, the unique design of Modern Portable Fireplace is kettle fireplace that is usually used to suburbs exterior decoration rather than fireplace design that is made from metal material.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace - Concrete Bowl Style
Portable Outdoor Fireplace – Concrete Bowl Style. (Source : manmadediy.com)
Simple Portable Fireplace
Simple Portable Fireplace. (Source : marthastewart.com)
Black metal bowl fireplace
Black metal bowl fireplace. (Source : marthastewart.com)
Enchanting Portable Outdoor Fireplace
Enchanting Portable Outdoor Fireplace. (Source : diynetwork.com)
Fire Pit Coffee Table
Fire Pit Coffee Table. (Via : diynetwork.com)
Portable Outdoor Fire Pit
Portable Outdoor Fire Pit. (Source : hgtv.com)