Emerald Art Glass House / Industrial Home with Delightful Touch


If you are living in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania then you know well the amazing Emerald Art Glass house industrial home designed by Fisher Architecture. The house is a living space and the industrial space. The flying house that we can see, it is designed for the living space. The house is really interesting because it is flaying above of the city. Standing in this house will give us chance to view the crowded city.

Home Site Near Lush Vegetation Surrounding It

Part Of Neutral Themed Building Near Window Frames

The industrial home design form of this building appears in construction of “Greenheat” radiant-heated GLASS facade functions from outside. The living space is connected to the factory, while for the roof connects to the house. The building is designed perfectly and strong with the steel tower. It looks so amazing by the flying building above the industrial factory.

The glass material of the walls are ready gives the chance for the owner to capture the crowded city. This house is a minimalist design. It is very interesting with minimalist concept of the building by minimalist furniture. The room looks beautiful with simple touch. The floor is made from the wooden. For the walls, it is utilized the glass wall. It is transparent.

Metallic Balustrade Also Grey Steps Also High Ceiling

Pillars Furnished Near Table Also Chairs For Conference

Wooden Floor Also Clear Concrete Wall

Moreover, for the furniture it is selected in minimalist concept too. To make the room feels larger, so for the living room it has only a couple of black sofa, with brown relaxing sofa chair and small table. It looks very interesting, especially with the beautiful rug. The glass wall promises the natural view. The hard steel for the building makes the house looks strong. The house also completed with complete facilities. Modern kitchen room, with nice dining table, and if you are looking at the master bedroom, it is designed perfectly for having the comfort living. This industrial home design is designed with smart ideas which a lot of inspirations for make it.

Chatting Room Furnished Near Leather Furniture

Table Also Chairs Built Near Transparency On Wall

Beech Base Also Inset Cabinets Covered Aside Stainless Steel

Built Inside Wall Cabinet Island Near Dark Top Also Chairs

Black Floating Vanity Also Closed Shower

Floor Level Near Timber Abundance Covering Furniture

Top Part Of Facade Part Near Old Look

Side Near Outdoor Staircase Painted Inside White

Top Building Near Timber Abundance On Base

Transparency Installed Overlooking City

House Inside Maroon Near Lush Vegetation As Complement


Photos courtesy of FISHER ARCHitecture