Elm Court / Black And White Rooms is Modern Architectural Interior with Tranquil Decoration


Nowadays living can be more delightful in this modern architecture with black and white rooms that has ancient and old-fashioned model for the exterior. The rectangle and elongated shape looks wide and spacious. The green grass yard makes this house freshen and also the leafy tree supports the wind to blows breezily. This building was originally created by AR Design Studio and it is placed in London, United Kingdom.

Space Near Wide Glass Walls Also Green Grass Yard Near Green Trees

The triangle roof shaped is filled with dark brown roof-tile and makes this house looks very ancient and old. The old style roof is juxtaposed with modern and minimalist design exterior. Glasses are used for this modern architecture house to make the outside views visible from the inside as well as the black and white rooms ideas which has its uniqueness. In the outside it has many green plants which are creating leafy garden and it is visible from inside. These dominant colors are dark brown, dark grey and also clear white to lighter the dark side. It has many squared windows and placed in high spot. The exterior wall color is clear white and it combines with other dark colors.

When entering the inside part it looks very bright and light because the tones are combination from some radiant colors. The ceilings and the floors use white tones and then it uses light grey appliances and utensils inside. The kitchen set and kitchen bar colored in clean white tones and it is looks very luxurious. Then for the adjusting appearance it is applied light grey rug, light grey sofa, and also grayish marble fireplace. This house uses dark grey wall panel to divide the room and it is not fully block, only partially. The indoor side is looks spacious and free because the radiant colors and glasses usage.

Stylish design is not only shown in both exterior and interior, the owner sometimes show it in one perspective. It will be unique if a house has ancient exterior model but it has luxurious and sophisticated interior inside. On the modern architecture house design with black and white rooms with color above, it has deluded exterior to keep the interior glows.

Wide Glass Walls Also Clear Wall Near Green Grass Yard

Sofa Also Glass Table Near Fireplace Inside Home

Home Near Long Grey Also Some Green Stools

Home Near Glass Table Also Iron Chairs

Kitchen Near Black Cabinets Also Clear Islalso Near Green Stools

View Near Clear Islalso Also Green Stools On Grey Floor

White Islalso Also Green Stools Near Dark Cabinets

Table Inside Home Near Clear Ceiling Also Glass Walls

Chairs Inside Home Dining Room Near Clear Ceiling

Chairs Inside Home Near Clear Wall Also Clear Ceiling

White Chair Also Clear Wall Under Clear Ceiling

Home Study Space Near Clear Shelves Also Clear Chair

White Chair Inside Home Near Clear Ceiling