Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio | Hidden Underground Home Presenting What the beneath Grass Grandeur


At a glance, this underground home seems to be a hideout zone since the grass freely invading the roof of the living cave. It has triangle theme cooperating with the other angle line creating the magnificent style of contemporary home design. Located in Austin, Texas, United States, the main building is beneath the grassy ground that enhances the exterior and interior design idea. Glass wall installation helps this architectural construction to get the nature light and gives a hyaline look under the soil. Completed in 2012, Bercy Chen Studio succeeded to attract everyone with this amazing home design.

The building adjusts the shape according to the land contour thus it is sustainable construction. This home may have one of the best  home designs for the extraordinary style. Fashionable style of the furniture sets also creates a contemporary living residence. Cane work couches have the open air space provided by stylish seats to enjoy the fresh air of verdant area. Since it is unfenced house, the surrounding trees become the perfect border and guard.

Marvelous Edgeland House Backyard Space Enhanced Near Triangular Swimming Pool Along Near Outdoor Seating Space

Awesome Turfs Growing Naturally Over Edgeland House Asymmetric Roof To Refresh Semi Outdoor Home Back Side

Fresh Edgeland House Triangular Swimming Pool Near Hard Liners Surrounded Aside Green Mounts Along Near Grasses As Plantation

Checking into the indoor space, transparent walls let the outlook coming in sustaining the interior design. Bercy Chen Studio designs this living space to be a sharing room where there is no partition among the functional room. Modern seats style fills up the sitting space within matte colors and delicate nuance. Stylish bar has six stools to accommodate quick eating by the kitchen space. Modern cooking furniture set helps the neoteric interior setting to be enlivened.

Cozy Edgeland House Living Room Involving Striped Sofa Completed Aside Pillows Along Near Coupled Near Clear Coffee Table

Minimalist Edgeland House Family Room Interior Involving A Set Of Sectional Sofa Along Near Chair Connected Near Nature

Open Edgeland House Interior Concept Featured Near Double Heigt Glass Wall Plan Near Frames To Support Glass

Spacious Edgeland House Interior Displayed From Outside Near Glass Dominating External Wall Side Of Home

Bright Edgeland House Breakfast Spot Near Patented Table Along Near ORange Stools Connected Near Open Kitchen Island

It is unusual form for a triangle acting as a swimming pool by the open air space. The light blue appearance has the contrast with the green grass of surrounding. The sharp angle is the point of this home. The lining model aligns with the roof sharp lining design. When the dark has come, the visible illumination of the indoor light shows a romantic view inside and outside spaces. That makes this unique residence becoming one of splendid underground home grand designs in USA.

Inviting Edgeland House Triangle Shaped Inground Swimming Pool Near Dark Liners Showing Transparent Home

Relaxing View Of Green Turfs Growing Over Edgeland House Rooftop Along Near Surrounding It Near Swimming Pool As Feature

Modern Concrete Stairs Completed Near Iron Balustrade Installed To Give Access Anybody Into Edgeland House

Curious Edgeland House Architecture Style To Attract Much Attention Near Mounts Along Near Natural Brown Ground

Refreshing Edgeland House Backyard Space Near Lush Vegetation Covering Space Around Triangular Swimming Pool

Comfortable Edgeland House Outdoor Seating Space Furnished Near Circular Rattan Chairs Along Near Ottoman As Table

Brilliant Transparency Installed Over Edgeland House Wall To Keep Interior Open Along Near Bright Aside Night As Well As Day

Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio - Floor Plan

Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio - Floor Plan 2

Fabulous Edgeland House Section Plan Showing Inground Swimming Pool Along Near Large Living Space Underground

Incredible Edgeland House Section Plan Drawn Carefully Displaying Underground Space Along Near Entrance

Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio - Green Roof Edge Detail
Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio - Typical Wall Section


Photography by : Paul Bardagjy