Dubrovka apartment | Modern Apartment with Transparent White Curtains for Fetching Interior Design


Peter Zaytsev from Za Bor Architects has impressively shaped a fetching apartment interior design with transparent white curtains for his modern apartment called Dubrovka apartment. He used modest platform as the idea and apparently decorated the whole part with minimalist trendy furniture arrangement. Yes, this catchy small studio was form with minimalist yet modish design. Located in Moscow, this retreat exposes the best beauty of minimalist furniture, along with high quality material implementation for each element including wall, floor and ceiling. Wood, slate, glass, stone and marble apparently becomes the basic materials here.

The bedroom was basically designed in integrated form with one modest living space and one trendy kitchen. Through an accurate and well-shaped apartment interior design ideas wooden floor was installed throughout the place and it becomes the best soul mate for white painted wall and ceiling. An abundance of floor to ceiling windows with transparent white curtains produces spacious and sleek atmosphere for this small dwelling. The bedroom itself emerges absolutely comfy with medium wooden bed and small side tables. The living space was also composed in a minimalist style with small white chairs and home theater. For the kitchen, black stone countertop appears as the hint, while the white kitchen cabinets become the best companion for it.

White Colored Curtains Along With Clear Bed Linen

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Bed Frame Along With Clear Bed Linen

Bedroom with Soft Brown Colored Wooden Bed Frame

White Colored Floor Carpet Along With Comfy Brown Wooden Floor

Bright Clear Colored Ceiling Lamp Along With Clear Curtains

White Colored Wooden Sliding Door Near Girrafe Painting

White Colored Floor Carpet Along With Bright Clear Corner Lamp

Basically, each room was completed with flexible panels, hence although those rooms was designed in integrated form but the owner could easily turn up or down the panels in term of producing more private living space. We also could not forget about the bathroom which was appeared in a modern minimalist concept as well. White tile wall produces bright atmosphere, while black tile floor brings more intimate and cool ambiance. Modest white bathtub and white marble basin apparently embrace the minimalist concept in a very alluring way, and some wooden cabinets give a little bit touch of warmness.

White Colored Floor Tiles Along With Clear Marble Bathtub

Dubrovka apartment - Bathroom Design

Dubrovka apartment - Bathroom Design-2

Dubrovka apartment - Home Office

To recapitulate, this amazing decoration apparently shows the beauty of minimalist theme. Chic modest furniture and high quality material successfully produce a maximum homey ambiance for each room. Integrated system decoration also becomes a smart solution in term of maximizing the use of limited space. In summary, this apartment decorating ideas prototype with the transparent white curtains will be an appealing suggestion for those modern minimalist decoration enthusiasts for sure.

White Colored Back Chair Along With Grey Stone Kitchen Island Countertop

Several Clear Colored Cabinet Upway Made Form Wood

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Bright Clear Lamps