Distressed Kitchen Cabinets in Antique Series


To have our kitchen cabinet more different, there must be designed with distressed kitchen cabinets in antique series. These distressed kitchen cabinets are appropriate to be used in antique series in recent years. This is mostly used in the modern design. There are some ways and materials needed to make distressed kitchen cabinets in antique series.

There will be some materials to make distressed kitchen cabinets in antique series. They are: a small smooth Paint brush, mocha tinted antique glaze, and smooth handkerchief, rubber gloves, truth brush and also pray of mocha tinted.

There are some steps to make distressed kitchen cabinets in antique style with modern design. In this design, the kitchen is set in a classic theme in order to get a sense of antique furniture.

The steps are:

  1. Provide a paint brush with mocha tinted to start antique distressed kitchen cabinets.
  2. Clean the distressed kitchen cabinets with brush.
  3. After cleaning, mask the cabinet with mocha smoothly.
  4. Tidy up the mocha with a paint brush.
  5. Finally, use the handkerchief to touch the mocha paint in order to get a best result.

After having a good result of distressed kitchen cabinets, it must be dried for a while for about 5 minutes in order to get a permanent result of mocha tinted. Mocha tinted is the chosen material of tinted which has an antique sense. On the other hand, mocha is the best color for having an elegant color. People are very interested to have this design because an antique series are looked for many people in this era. In short, the antique distressed kitchen cabinets will have been developed style in every year.

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