Diminished House by Wahana Architects | Playful Open Space House Design Providing Breath Free Rooms


Plenty materials collaboration makes this open space house design deriving a fresh looking urban residence. Located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The concept of Diminished House juxtaposes various elements to create harmony structure of modern architecture design.  Wahana Architects has completed this beautiful residence in 2011. Dark colors invade every space within the natural materials. The yard lets the green grass and plants filling the open air featuring with the hyaline swimming pool. Decorative wall embosses the exterior by the extraordinary cladding material.

Outer flooring installation employs the stone board assembly in uneven setting making the contrast border with the garden grass. Wide and clear glass installation provides the transparency to allow outlook view sustaining the interior. It also balances the bold and heavy scene from the solid materials. Coming into the functional rooms, there is no partition available to separate each room. The front sitting space gets the setting like outdoor space for letting the breeze freely to come in and out. It is the main point among the open space home designs concept.

Spacious Diminished House Green Manicured Lawn Covered Aside Leafy Tree Enjoyed From Home Terrace Near Deck

Large Diminished House Courtyard Space Near Green Manicured Turfs Hard Pathway Covered Aside Wooden Ceiling

Clean Setting Of Urban Diminished House Front Yard Space Displaying Large Carport Garage Along Near Refreshing Mount

Inspiring Double Height Vertical Garden Installed On Wall As Vital Point Inside Diminished House Backyard Near Pool

Fashionable and stylish furniture designs enhance the contemporary ideas. Playful and multicolor follow the tune of the building construction elements. Artistic decorative items also make the interior ambiance intruding by extraordinary existence. All the rooms are set with the easy access air regulation thus create a breath-free concept interior. The glass installation designs support this concept and bring the natural lighting and sun radiance through the inner space.

Stunning Diminished House Semi Outdoor Gathering Space On Deck Flooring Near Wooden Furnishing Collection

Beautiful Diminished House Workspace Combined Near Gathering Space Near Rug Along Near Throw Pillows Overlooking Backyard

Inviting Diminished House Seating Space Near Deck Floor Enhanced Near Morrocan Rug Along Near Throw Pillows As Complement

Airy Diminished House Living Along Near TV Room Interior Near Dome Shaped Pendants Hun Over Orange Sofa Setting

Especially in the bedroom design, the view of fresh blue swimming pool is visible with the green garden as the back drop. Bathroom has the glass wall as the partition of each resting zone. Minimalist design helps to enliven the modern interior in this bathing space. Wood, concrete and stone give a dense scene in this room. The main door applies the open space design ideas by the wide and clear indoor door wings.

Eye Catching Diminished House Master Bedroom Featured Near Private Reading Nook Overlooking Swimming Pool

Refreshing View Of Greenery Inside Yard Along Near Pool As Well As Deck Enjoyed From Transparent Diminished House Bedroom

Luxurious Diminished House Master Bathroom Interior Enlarged Visually Aside Application Of Frameless Mirrors

Open Narrowed Diminished House Exterior Entryway Near Wooden Ceiling Along Near Grey Tiled Flooring Sustained Aside Pillars

Diminished House by Wahana Architects

Minimalist Diminished House Hardscape Plan Found Inside Front Yard Space Near Tiled Floor Mixed Near Green Turfs

Awesome Diminished House Courtyard Space Near Concrete Pathway Completed Near Canopy Sofa Turfs Along Near Trees

Perfect Diminished House Interior Floor Plan Plan Displaying Master Bedroom Garage Kitchen DIning Along Near Living Room

Simple Diminished House Section Floor Plan Plan Displaying Cozy One Floor Home Building Near Neat Garden

Contemporary Diminished House Section Floor Plan Plan Displaying Awesome Architecture Concept Inside Long Building Idea

Chic Diminished House Facade Floor Plan Plan Involving Awesome Garage Along Near Simple Entrance Door Space Near Porch

Photography by : Fernando Gomulya