Diamond House | Impressive Contemporary Home by Formwerkz Architects


Formwerkz Architects has brilliantly created a stunning contemporary home design with white painted wall for this modern multi-level retreat titled Diamond House which is located in Singapore. The iron wooden geometric structure appears as the most eye catching element of the design. Yes, the exterior decoration was appeared in a vigorous outlook through the presence of geometric cube which was designed from high quality material namely iron wood, some glass, mirror and oak. The back side of this house was also designed with futuristic theme. Overhangs structure, lucent glass fences and an abundance of floor to ceiling windows apparently escalate the sense of minimalist yet vigorous of this retreat.

Bright Colored Outer Wall Which Is Made From Stone Veneer

Dark Colored Outer Wall Which Is Made From Wooden Material

Diamond House by Formwerkz Architects

The interior decoration basically also appears in a minimalist form. Oak was used as the main vibe for the whole part within the house. Through precise and well-developed contemporary home design ideas, each room was formed with mature arrangement including color and furniture choosing. The living room in the ground level emerges absolutely warm and comfy with oak panels, white painted wall and flexible panels which could be turned down or up easily. This living room directly faces the breezy lap pool and has a very enchanting wooden deck with modern glass fences. The home owner could pamper their shelves enjoying breezy fresh air and outside scenery from the living room or the deck.

Swimming Pool Frame Which Is Made From Marble Along With Comfy Blue Pool Water

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Material Along With Glass Handrail

Black Colored Classic Piano Along With Comfy Brown Wooden Floor

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Light Brown Wooden Staircase

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Transparent Glass Handrail

Moreover, the stylish kitchen also appears obviously appealing. Using white theme and minimalist arrangement, this kitchen was completed with white kitchen cabinets and grey marble countertop. White painted wall and white slate floor were also installed. And as a result, the ambiance feels so serene, sleek and tranquil as well. Another striking design was also done for the staircase. A wooden staircase with glass handrail appears absolutely captivating. And it dramatically supports the beauty of geometric vibe of the structure when we examine the staircase from the outside, since it was exposed clearly by the glass windows.

White Colored Floor Carpet Along With Clear Colored Wooden Kitchen Island

To conclude, this extraordinary design apparently presents the beauty of geometric shape and how specific materials such as iron wood, oak and so on successfully produce a modern outlook. Each element of this luxurious retreat also shows the best side of minimalist yet modish arrangement. Hence, this prototype could be defined as an inspiring illustration of contemporary home interior design ideas with the white painted wall which will stimulate more extraordinary shape and minimalist design become the option for futuristic architectural project.

Green Grass Along With Several High Trees

Green Grass Garden Along With Several Green Plants As Side Fences

Dark Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Transparent Glass Handrail

Transparent Glass Windows Along With Transparent Handrail Made From Glass Panels

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Outer Wall Along With Dim Bright Cream Floor Lamps

Photography by : Albert Lim