Contemporary Home Design Demonstrating Neutral Color Palette


Antonio Altarriba Comes is the one responsible for this contemporary house design called Six Semi-Detached Houses + Isolated House. Situated in beautiful Rocafort, Valencia, Spain, this contemporary residence, which is built as part of twin home, can show you the coolness of neutral color palette. In fact, this home doesn’t only feature its neutral colors only for its exterior, but also for its interior design, where both celebrate the gorgeous and warm wooden tone as well.

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The exterior design for this contemporary home features the beautiful textured stone wall exterior for its long, continuous part on second level. The first level itself showcases the beautiful and inviting look, as the contemporary house design ideas for this one feature the gorgeous wood element to help enhancing the quality of its outdoor lounge. As you can see, even though this home facade creates an impression as if it is perfectly shut from public, the other side shows how this home opens to its outdoor lounge.

Contemporary Home Design Demonstrating Neutral Color Palette

The outdoor lounge delivers both warmth and freshness as this space celebrates the warm sun lights and refreshing outdoor swimming pool. We really adore how the terrace is well connected to the pool through its wooden flooring. A cozy outdoor dining space is nested there, which is undoubtedly a great place to lounge during hot summer day. Wooden blinds are attached to give the living space indoors a protection without limiting the openness. On the second level, you can find the use of large glass windows.

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Entering this home, you will be greeted by the similar impression you spot outdoors. We simply adore how its white interior is perfectly shaded by wooden flooring to weigh down its light and airy atmosphere through warm and rich color. See also how the gorgeous black accent may provide another flaunting detail to accent this airy interior. Yet, we still have find a great connection that ties this home to outdoor space, as the contemporary house interior design ideas here allow a small interior courtyard with transparent glass walls in this room, which can help delivering the natural lights thoroughly.

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Photographs: Diego Opazo