Containerlove by LHVH Architekten | Patterned Accent Wall for Simple Container Home Interior Setting


This is a review article about a container home design with patterned accent wall. This was created by the LHVH Architekten in Kall, Eifel, Germany. The building is simply shaped in letter L, colored in dark grey on the exterior walls. Called as the Containerlove, this was completed with modern theme all over around. If you need an inspiration of a temporary living place to be applied in your house, this hopefully could help you.

Check out the exterior carefully first. The container home design ideas applied only simple appearance. The patterned accent wall of containers are left just like that, but repainted in dark grey tone. There are two container arranged into one house. In the corner of the containers, there is a simple wooden deck used as an opened patio. A single chair is provided there.

View Near Transparent Glass Door Which Has Dark Grey Wooden Frame

Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Vast Garden Which Is Filled Near Green Grass

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Dark Grey Colored Outer Wall Along With Comfy Brown Wooden Terrace Floor

This simple house is surrounded by lush greens around. That is why the designer improved spacious transparent windows application all over the house building. Those windows could help the owner of the house enjoying scenery given by the nature. Also natural lighting can come inside the house well. Take a look also to a simple room inside the house. There is a simple reading room added in the corner. Two contemporary seats with a small rounded table are provided there, close to the big window. The bookshelf is simple, arranged in vertical stacks.

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Reading Corner Near Dark Colored Armchair Along With Blue Colored Wall Decor

In the reading room, a big wall decoration is beautifying the room looks. It is giant blue webbing. Two hanging lamps with glassed rounded shades are there too to help the window give light to the site. In another site of the interior that you can see, black and white are dominating. A hanging lamps and a small storage complete the furnishing. If you like the container house design ideas which apply the patterned accent wall, you can have them in your house.

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Interior Near Bright Yellow Colored Floor Made From Marble Along With Colorful Stripes Of Floor Mat

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Corner Near Dark Grey Colored Wall Which Is Made From Metallic Material Along With Clear Desk

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Several Transparent Glass Windows Along With Bright Cream Lighting From Inside

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Wall Along With Dark Colored Fences Made From Metallic Material

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Soft Grey Colored Outer Wall Made From Timber Along With Vast Green Grass Garden

Containerlove by LHVH Architekten - Soft Grey Colored Outer Wall Made From Timber Along With Vast Green Grass Garden


Photography by : Tomas Riehle