Colorful Apartment Decor with Various Element of Decoration


Living in a place with colorful apartment decor will reenergize you every day. Its rich color will make a spirit booster for your daily activity, and it can even trigger your creativity. The combination of colors in the apartment makes every room unique with its own color formula. It also incorporates various materials and different patterns into the design.

This joyful apartment was designed by Nuevo Estilo in 2013 and located in Malasaña, the cultural center of Madrid, Spain. The design applies earth tone colors for almost all big items around the house. They range from grey, white, beige, and black, with various shades of them. Then the design allows the addition of accent pieces in any form and any color. In the living room, the accent pieces take form as the colorful pillows on the beige couch. Red, orange, green, black and white, and grey, all blend in one spot with various patterns. On the cabinets, a solar system-like structure with the bright yellow sun attracts the eye instantly. Beside it, a transparent green vase also decorates the room with the plants.

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In the bedroom that is predominated by white color, the focal point is the bedcover that has rich floral motif in different colors. Red, orange, yellow, black, white, all are in that piece of fabric with the dark green stripes on the edge. This rich patterned fabric is laid side by side with purple pillow on the bed. The cabinets in the same dark green stands beside the bed, while at the other side of the bed, there’s a big brown suitcase with a bull skull on it. This is such an unusual decoration for a bedroom.

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In the bathroom, the center point for the beige floor and walls is the maroon carpet in detailed pattern. On the brown comfort chair in retro style, there’s a red pillow in floral motif. The colorful apartment decorating ideas integrate different patterns, colors, and materials for the room decor.

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