Casa Seta / Luxurious Tropical Home by Martín Dulanto


Casa Seta is a stunning tropical residence that was designed by Martín Dulanto. This perfect residence has duplex design with the combination of white concrete wall and wooden element. The cabana balcony is great for your leisure time. It has fantastic spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the afternoon atmosphere.

This tropical home design has white concrete wall in the first floor. You can discover large garden in the front yard. This fresh garden has wooden garden paths and looks so perfect blends with the green color of the grass. The wooden paths connect the street to the opened verandah. The existence of yellow ceiling lamps modern in this area brings outstanding and elegant atmosphere for this tropical residence. You can also notice the comfortable U shaped sofa set in this verandah. The grey sofa looks perfect with red cushions.

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto - Exterior

Combination Of Clear Painting On Outside Wall Color Theme Also Wooden Roof

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto (4)

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto (5)

The interior furniture of this residence is extraordinary. It has the combination of bright color which is able to create cheerful atmosphere in your house interior. The living room has wooden log sofa with white mattresses. These sofas combine with magenta cushions and look so eye-catching. Place the glossy red big porcelain in the room corner as the decoration. It blends with frameless round tabletop.

Purple Small Couches On Grey Sofa Added With Small Wooden Table On Grey Floor

Grey Sofa Added Near Round Glass Table Also Minin Garden Along With Tree At Frontyard

Living Area Decoration Near Purple Small Couches On Grey Sofa On Floor

Clear Sofa Added Near Round Glass Table Added With Tree Inside Garden

Living Area with Grey Sofa

The small kitchen corner is available behind the living room. It has white glossy kitchen island with yellow stripe color. You can also see that this kitchen island so pretty with silver surface. Add unique bar chairs for this kitchen space. The coziness of this house can bring the happiness for everybody who lives inside. No wonder tropical home design which applies the ceiling lamps modern is popular for pleasure seeker.

White Countertop Of Kitchen Bar Added Near Black Along With Clear Chairs On Floor

Glossy Clear Dresser Combined Near Grey Marble Tiles On Backsplash

White Seat On Bench Added Near Some Of Potted Plants On Rooftop Lounge

Rooftop Lounge Decoration

Swimming Area

Pool Surrounded Near Potted Plants Also Some Of Trees Located At Frontyard

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto (3)

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto (2)

Blue Bedcover Covering Clear Bed Added Near Colorful Pinting On Grey Wall Decor

Minimalist Double Twin Bed Room with Red Bedcover

Double Twin Bed with Green Bedcover Added Near Upstair Land On Floor

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto - Bathroom (1)

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto - Bathroom (2)

Casa Seta by Martín Dulanto - Bathroom (3)


Photography by : Marco Símola