Casa Gomez by SO Studio


Good people; meet the Casa Gomez which has been designed by SO Studio. This contemporary house is situated in Cancun, Mexico. the project “Casa Gòmez” was developed and built between 2011 and 2012. This residence is very comfortable since it getting the natural view through the canal landscape in front of the house construction.

To make a border less impression, the architect is intentionally designed an outdoor pool and which is furnished by pool lounge and 8 person dining table set to enable the habitants getting relaxed after swimming or just spending spare time with their beloved person. The canal home plans are utilizing the wind whirl construction design to catch the wind hence the house will get everlasting fresh air and as the result avoid the house inside getting heat.

White Wall Made From Concrete Material Also Dark Brown Wooden Floor

Asymmetrical Shape Of Building Also Big Swimming Pool Which Has Blue Colored Water

The unique design is applied on the pool by using the black and white mosaic patterned marble. Meanwhile, the glass wall application for the entire exterior house design gives the access for the sunlight to get into the house easily. This glass wall look very firm as it is reinforced by concrete construction panel.

While you entering this residence, you will meet the comfortable and homey interior design. Through combining the solid white concrete and wooden siding panel, the room interior appears very stylish as well as modern. The elegant and luxurious look can be found through the stairs style. Adapted to the building construction, the stairs look unorganized yet it instead looks eye catching by the application of red floor. Some of colorful character paintings are displayed on the living room wall. This living room looks elegant through the mix application of white modern sofas and colorful stylish chair. The canal house floor plans which apply 8 person round dining table are blended beautifully with the wooden and marble floor application to the entire house so it is very perfect for you who need a contemporary life style.

Black Marble Floor Also Clear Colored Comfy Sofa Near Curve Shape Of Arranging

Dark Brown Floor Made From Wooden Material Also Little Dark Colored Pond

Dark Brown Marble Material Also Glass Panel Halsorail

Dark Brown Wooden Chairs Also Circle Shaped Surface Table Made From Glass Panel

Soft Brown Wooden Wall Also Black Colored Big LCD Television

White Colored Comfy Sofa Also Black Floor Made From Marble Blocks

Brown Wooden Floor Also Circle Shaped Bathtub Which Is Made From Ceramic

Black Floor Made From Marble Blocks Also Grey Colored Comfy Sofa Near Big Blue Swimming Pool

White Wall Made From Concrete Material Also Several Blue Colored Glass Panel Windows

White Wall Made From Concrete Also Several Grey Lines Surrounded Building

White Marble Chair Also Asymmetrical Shape Of Pool Near Comfy Blue Water

Grey Entrance Floor Made From Concrete Also Bright Lighting From All Around House

White Marble Chairs Also Bright Yellow Lighting From Lamps Surrounding Pool