Casa CDS / Lovely Modern Minimalist Home with Wooden Accent


Javier Cristiani has built a modern minimalist home that call as Casa CDS. This urban home is located in San Salvador, El Salvador. If you look closer to the house, then you can feel like in a modern home in nature atmosphere. The house has built in the deep valley area, so you will find the elevation building structure for this home. Now, you should keep your eyes to see the house from the outside until the interior side.

This home will catch your attention because you will see a modern minimalist home design with timber accent. The wooden accent makes this house looks unite with the nature. The front facade of the house looks interesting with long iron bridge as the connector between the front yards to the main home building. You will see a beautiful material combination of wooden material, black iron material, glass material, and stucco walls.

Amusing Iron Railing Inside Entrance Of Casa Cds Residence Completed Near Dark Wooden Glass Windows Along Near Wooden Striped Door

Refreshing Atmosphere Surrounding Casa Cds Residence Near Green Christmast Trees Near It Near Green Hawthorn Beside It

Adorable Wooden Striped Center Wall Completed Near Iron Railing Outside Casa Cds Residence Beautified Near Christmast Trees

This house looks transparent from the outside due to wide glass windows all around the house. When you finish with the amazing exterior side of the house, then you should see the interior part. The first room that you can see from the picture is the dining room. It has modern meets traditional dining area. You will see sleek wooden table with modification wooden chairs. The sunshine and fresh air freely come into the room due to sliding glass door in jumbo size.

Terrific Wooden Striped Living Desk Near Wooden Decorative Chairs Installed On Marble Floor Outside Casa Cds Residence

Stylish Mountain Shaped Green Turfs On Stone Land Installed Inside Casa Cds Residence Beautified Near Dark Iron Railing

Simple Wooden Glossy Dining Desk Near Wooden Single Chairs Beautified Near Child Mural On Wooden Cabinets Inside Casa Cds Residence

The interior side of the house shows you a beautiful color combination of natural wooden color, white, and black. It has spacious living area with the reading area at the end of the room. You will see built-in custom bookshelf that becomes one with the wooden walls. Look up to the ceiling and you will amaze to see wooden ceiling with black iron planks crossing the room. This house has modern minimalist home interior design that makes you feel comfort.

Charming Gray Clear Tiled Sofa Inside Living Room Installed On Gray Marble Floor Along Near Wooden Striped Ceiling Inside Casa Cds Residence

Classic Wooden Books Shelves Installed On Wooden Striped Wall Inside Casa Cds Residence Near Wooden Glass Windows

Airy Space Inside Casa Cds Residence Completed Near Dark Wooden Glass Windows Along Near Wooden Striped Ceiling Near Small Ceiling Lamp

Interesting Wooden Striped Ceiling Installed Near Gray Painted Wall Along Near Wooden Railing Inside Casa Cds Residence

Mesmerizing Casa Cds Residence Surrounded Christmast Trees Along Near Green Hawthorn Beautified Near Wooden Striped Wall As Well As Iron Fence

Fresh Green Turfs Surrounding Casa Cds Residence Completed Near Green Assorted Trees Along Near Gray Iron Railing On It


Photography : courtesy of Javier Cristiani