Captivating Apartment with White Interior in Bratislava


The modern apartment with white interior and wooden floor tiles is very chic and looks neat. Moreover if the dimension is limited, it can show the wider effect. For the example, the small kitchen is very nice with the white cabinet and white countertop. It is also added with wooden backsplash cover. The long neck faucet is also added and matching with the countertop. The rounded dining table is also suitable for this narrowed table.

Since it is limited, the kitchen can be arranged side by side with the television room. The white TV cabinet is continued to the kitchen cabinet. The same wall cover is stylish and apt with the white furniture color. Creative wall clock without frame is mounted in the solid white wall. Wooden floor tiles with striped texture are very attractive and fashionable with the mono bright theme. Small apartment with white interior design which is located on the Slovakia can be a good reference.

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Goldfish-Interiors is collaborated with Alexandra Rybarova and they made the narrowed living becomes roomy. The white tall curtain is very heavy and it is swinging while the wind blows. The small living room is joined with family room. It is decorated with bright theme and added with abstract painting. Corner white sofa is very tender and it is equipped with white chaise lounge. To make the room wider and efficient, the small and rounded table is apt. The creamy carpet is also adorned the woodsy floor.

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On the master bedroom, the king size mattress is completing the white platform bed. It is decorated with grey silk duvet and bedding set. The twin white nightstand is also stylized with twin desk lamp with white shade color. The standing show case which is used to hang the clothes is deluxe and added with white dresser beside it. The apartment with white interior design ideas which apply the wooden floor tiles now becomes comfortable to live.

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