Camelia Cottage by 4site Architecture | Stylish Modern Cottage as Quite Living Space


This modern cottage can be the perfect living space for small family. Designed by 4site Architecture, this cottage has minimalist and modern design with stylish color combinations. It can give residence for you. The choice of furniture of this home is also important to strengthen the modern style of this house. Camelia Cottage is located in Melbourne VIC, Australia. Do you want to know more about this design? Read this whole article to see more reviews about this amazing cottage.

This minimalist cottage has small design with cubicle shape. In front of the house is situated mini garden which is full of flowers and many green plantations. This mini garden is perfect to beautify your mini cottage. In the side of the mini garden you can find white square garden paths which connect the front gate and the main entrance door. Look how stylish this modern cottage style! It also has glass door which has black frame. This door also has modern design which has stylish touch.

Cheerful Blue Along Near Navy As Well As Green Combination Painted Over Camelia Cottage Facade Part To Refresh Entrance

Colorful Cubicle Shaped Camelia Cottage Facade Part Painted Inside Blue Navy Along Near Lime Green To Hit Wooden Wall

The exterior of the cottage has the combination of blue and green color. It creates freshness image for this house. Not only create cozy image, this mini house also looks stylish. It has dining space which has white round table which has wooden legs. This table is surrounded with white simple chairs which have metal legs. Look how stylish this mini dining place. In the next room you can find simple kitchen space. It has white kitchen cabinet which is stick on the wall. This kitchen also has white wall storage which is useful for your kitchen appliances.

New Look Of Camelia Cottage Entrance Near Courtyard Filled Near Graveles Pathway Along Near Neat Garden With Fence

Interesting Blue Along Near Green Painted Storage Installed As A Part Of Clear Camelia Cottage Courtyard Dining Space

Tiny Camelia Cottage Courtyard Plan Covered Aside Concrete Along Near Wooden Fence Surrounding Neat Garden As Well As Pathway

This minimalist cottage has warm living space which is suitable for your quality time with your whole family. This living room has wooden floor combined with white wall. The grey couch adheres to the white wall. In the side of the couch you can see white cabinet which very suitable for your stuff. The wooden floor makes this room look so warm and cozy for gathering place. So, what do you think about this place? Let’s add this modern cottage style architecture for your next residence!

Clean Clear Painted Camelia Cottage Sun Room Enhanced Near Frameless Window Along Near Door To Connect It Near Interior

Bright Camelia Cottage Interior Painted Inside Clear Completed Near Classic Pendant Along Near Frameless Fireplace As Well As Storage

Chic Patented Deck Of Sun Room Functions As Bench Inside Camelia Cottage Family Room To Hit Clear Wall

Large Camelia Cottage Seating Space Enhanced Near Sleek Wooden Floor Higher Deck Fireplace Along Near Inset Storage

Stylish Clear Painted Camelia Cottage Living Room Interior Featured Near Contemporary Fireplace Along Near Higher Deck

Minimalist Camelia Cottage Indoor Entryway Functions As Sun Room Near Skylights To Illuminate Deck Along Near Pillows

Inviting Camelia Cottage Sun Room Completed Near Striped Pillows To Improve Comfort Level Of Deck Floor

Modest Camelia Cottage Family Room Interior Designed Near Wooden Deck Along Near Frameless Doorway As Well As Window

Modern Camelia Cottage Dining Space Next To Courtyard Connected Near Small Kitchen Near Floating Cabinetry

Bad Looking Camelia Cottage Before Remodeling Project Near Untidy Front Yard Landscape Along Near Facade Near Greenery

Old Fashioned Look Of Camelia Cottage Before Remodeling Displaying Dark Interior Near Bad Looking Fireplace

Awesome Camelia Cottage Section Along Near Interior Floor Plan Plan Showing Living Room Kitchen Bathroom As Well As Bedroom

Simple Camelia Cottage Facade Floor Plan Drawn Near Colored Left Part Featured Near Frameless Window As Component

Photography by : Kevin Hui