Cabane 217 by The Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes: Rural Cabin Plan with Modern Decoration


The Cabane 217 is really well-known as the most astonishing residence with Rural Cabin Plan for the main design. In addition, the modern decoration is applied so that the exterior design really looks so lavish for the cabin. The glass balustrade that is installed on the aluminum frame really looks so lavish for the house. With adequate lamp installation, the interior really looks so lavish seen through the glass window.

Sensational Cabin Covered Aside Snow Building Look Near Lights On Showing Modernity Along With Glamor With Luxurious Rooms Seen

The Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes who designs the modern decoration for the cabin applied modern furnishings for the interior since it really makes the cabin looks so classy. The glass panel for the exterior design is indeed so lavish for the house since it is designed in minimalist style. With subtropical woods surround the cabin, even in snowy weather, the exterior is so enchanting. The Rural Cabin Plans for the house really fits the exterior because the glass panel makes the interior can be seen completely from the view nook in the outside. The sloping design for the rooftop is indeed so classy because the house is designed in duplex floor plan. However, for the floor plan, the house is only designed in the edge of the house.

Bewitching Home Design Of Snow Wintertime Cabin Applying Glass Paneling Near Awesome Along With Architectural Style

Awesome Cabin Inside Woods Displaying Contemporary Building Design Near Glass Panels Along With Some Alternative Building Parts Applied

Nice Along With Neat Interior Of A Contemporary House Applying Clear Interior Near A Fireplace Available As Well As Also Alluring Furniture Arranged Neatly

Architectural Staircase Timber Along With Metal As Construction Design Connecting You From An Alluring Room Into Another One

Architectural Staircase Timber Along With Metal As Construction Design

For the central part, this cabin has the most large hollow that makes the central room has the most enchanting decoration. The ceiling lamps that are installed on the ceiling lamps also looks so enchanting since it emerges the sparkling light for the cabin. With exterior wall is covered with authentic rug, the exterior design becomes so lavish. Moreover, the glass panel perfectly emerges the finest shadow for the interior decoration.

Transparent Colourful Cat Dining Chairs Inside A Room Near Clear Interior

Transparent Colourful Cat Dining Chairs Inside A Room Near Clear Interior Along With Timber Accents Applied NicelyContemporary Kitchen Design Inside A Contemporary Home Near Clear Interior Applied With Awesome Kitchen Sets Installed Nicely

Exquisite Bedroom View Displaying Original Wooden Floor Near A Comfy Clear Bed Along With An Artistic Mirror

Fabulous Shower Room Of A Contemporary Property Near Awesome Black Tiles Installed As Interior Design

Fabulous Shower Room Near Awesome Black Tiles

Different from the cabin facade, the backyard is dominated with grey color for the exterior wall. Even, the sloping rooftop is also painted in grey color. However, with glass panel, the cabin can also be accessed from the backyard since the Rural Cabin Design is perfectly applied.

Marvelous House Parts Near Captivating Side View Cabin Through Good Glass Panels Installed With Wooden Paneling As Well

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Ordinary House Appearance Before It Was Renovated Showing Clear Exterior Along With Traditional Building Design Near Several Windows Seen

photographs: Stéphane Groleau