C1 House | Stunning Modern Residence Design with Rectangular Construction


Located in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, C1 House was designed by German studio Dettling Architekten. This home constructs the idea of modern residence design in rectangular building construction. Gutsy outlook appears with the use of solid cement for the building. Glazed facades are placed at the front and back. The striking loft in curved design is presented in elegant appearance. Cozy living area is designed in woods domination for the furniture and decoration. The simplicity that is brought by this modern residence appears the striking appearance with natural circumstances of the surrounding courtyard.

White is used to color the concrete facades for revealing the modernity of residence design ideas. Stairs are used to lead into the main building with the plants besides. Refreshing nuance surrounds this building with the decoration of green grass as the backyard. Elegant swimming pool in white is combined with natural pool in separated area. The main building allows the glass material for creating the facades. Stunning glazed decoration allows the house to enjoy the surroundings and also continues the natural energy. Outdoor lounge at the back in wooden material is placed side by side with the pool on the wooden floor. The curved loft frames the glazed wall in elegant outlook.

Refreshing C1 House Swimming Pool Plan Constructed Between Open Deck Along Near Green Manicured Turfs Near Plants

Beautiful C1 House Built Inside Nice Cubicle Style Near Open Deck Along Near Single Bridge To Access House As Well As Garden

Awesome C1 House Outdoor Entryway Installed Along Inground Swimming Pool Near Deck Flooring Along Near Glass Wall

C1 House - Exterior Staircase

Interior decoration is presented in cozy decoration. Wooden table and modern chars are placed within the white wall and marble floor to reveal the convenient dining area. Living area within the spacious area contains the black and white sofas and translucent table. Wooden staircase leads you in elegant footsteps toward the loft. Within it, the natural private is designed against the glazed windows. Wooden material is used for the table, bookshelf, and also the floor. This simple room emerges the convenient private room with energizing scenery from the outdoor.

C1 House - Interior Decoration

C1 House - Interior

Comfortable C1 House Living Room Plan Furnished Near Black Along Near Clear Sofa As Well As Glass Coffee Table On Center

Cool C1 House Upper Floor Space Enhanced Near Transparency Over Window Along Near Built Inside Bookcase For Storage

Inspiring C1 House Outdoor Dining Space Near Open Ceiling Along Near Warm Deck Flooring Plan Near Table As Well As Chairs Set

C1 House - Bathroom Design

C1 House - Bathroom

The rectangular construction that is brought by this modern home gives the comfortable living place with spacious area within. The refreshing nuance of the nature is designed with refreshing courtyard at the exterior decoration. Glazed wall allows you enjoying the beautiful scenery from the outside. Bright lighting from the outdoor fulfills the area that is continued by the facades. The minimalist home design that is brought by this home becomes one kind of recommended modern residence design concepts that can be an inspiration for creating your private home in convenient.

Large C1 House Backyard Space Maximized Near Double Swimming Pools Along Near Single Bridge Brightened Aside Lamps

Simple C1 House Facade View Seen From Street Side Displaying Basement Garage Along Near Nice Higher Entrance Near Steps

Open C1 House Backyard Space Maximized For Playground Near Green Manicured Turfs Along Near Inground Swimming Pool

Nice Clear Painted C1 House Building Designed Near Transparent Glass Covering Wall As A Substitute Both Floor Levels

Inviting Inground Swimming Pool Constructed Next To C1 House Deck Designed Near Cantilever Along Near Pillars Setting


Photography by: Daniel Vieser