Building Kitchen Cabinets in Simple Style


For having good building kitchen cabinets in simple style, there only uses a good wood for the basic method. People will use this design in order to ease selecting a good characteristic of wood. There are two ways to make building kitchen cabinets which are a big and small size. The steps are:

The tips for making a big size of building kitchen cabinets are:

  • Provide 5 flat woods which consist of four long sizes and one thick.
  • Take two woods of the same size and cut them into two parts.
  • Put two parts of the thick wood to be hanged in the right and left side.
  • Use the saw for cutting some pieces in every top of the right and left side with a right angle triangle size. Then, stand the three pieces of wood which is the same size and gather them into a long square of building kitchen cabinets.
  • Put the thick one under side and cut it in every four sides to be right angle triangle and gather it with the upper side of the building.
  • Finally, the two pieces of wood must be closed together with the right and left side of under space.

Those are some tips to make building kitchen cabinets in a big size.

The steps for making a small size may be followed in following steps:

  • First, there will be need four pieces of woods.
  • Cut one wood into two parts to be used in the right and left side.
  • Gather all four woods into one building which is made into square. Cover the front side of the wood with a cabinet.
  • Finally, nail all the every side of wood into the one in order to stand strongly.

These are the simple ways to make a small size of building kitchen cabinets.

On the other hand, there are some materials to start making with a simple style of building kitchen cabinets such as a nail, wood, and others. Then, those criteria of size building kitchen cabinets depend on the model of building kitchen cabinets. Therefore, there are two types of making building kitchen cabinets based on the size.