Belvedere Apartment / Modern Apartment Design with Charming White Interior


David Guerra Architecture has done designing a spectacular yet charming modern apartment in beautiful white interior and granite flooring. Located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this Belvedere Apartment literally represents its name. In Italian architectural design, Belvedere could mean a design for architectural structure to benefit the beautiful view outdoors, which can be enjoyed from this apartment through the large glass element as well as the spacious balcony outdoors.

In fact, ‘belvedere can be translated in English as ‘beautiful sight, and this Belvedere Apartment literally represents its name perfectly, Stepping inside this apartment, you will be greeted by the beautiful modern interior with granite flooring tiles wrapped in bright white color as part of this modern apartment design. Thus, this living space successfully provides the bright and spacious feeling naturally, where varying colors can be incorporated easily without disrupting the overall look.

Balcony with Table Also Some Chairs Facing Panoramic View

Look at this beautiful living room that beautifully benefits the clean white wall splash to add striking contemporary artworks to provide plenty of colors indoors. You can also find the bright color splash coming from the stunning stools. Lovely modern sofa in simple white color is added, which beautiful luxurious look that successfully makes this living room looks totally astonishing. Moving to the TV room, you will be greeted by the splash of bright red color from the comfortable rug, where the cozy modern sofa in pale grey is added to provide the comfort during the heartwarming family time.

Living Room with Long White Sofas Also Low Table

White Sofas Also Wooden Table Near Granite Floor

Wooden Cabinet Also White Lounge Chairs On The Bottom from White Ceiling

Above White Sofas Also Wooden Low Table under Home

Space Near Artistic Paintings Near White Wall

Long Grey Sofa Also Black Tables Near Orange Rug

Wooden Cabinet Also Orange Rug Near Granite Floor

However, the main bedroom beautifully showcases the luxury and elegance through the fantastic choice of furnishings and wonderful interior design. Rather than seeing the colorful splash just like in other rooms, this bedroom exhibits the warm wooden tone along with the charming light beige to accent this all-white room. The lighting idea to this modern apartment design idea which also applies granite flooring design helps adding the sparkles and glows that make this bedroom look totally adorable.

Lounge Chair Also Bed On The Bottom from Track Lamp

White Lounge Chair Also Wooden Floor Near White Wall

Long Wooden Table under Home Among Granite Floor
Long Wooden Table under Home Among Granite Floor

Wall Also Ceiling Above It

Wooden Floor Also Simple Bathroom Using White Sink

Rounded Table Also White Chairs

Photos by: Jomar Bragança