How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity Designs


The right bathroom vanity designs can become something that improves the beauty and comfort inside the bathroom. There are numbers of vanity designs that can be chosen for your bathroom. Start from the traditional design to the most modern designs, you can choose any style to complete your bathroom. Besides, the bathroom vanity can also become storage solution where you can organize kinds of bathroom things inside. Choose one of vanity designs below that suits your bathroom best.

Washstand Design

Washstand bathroom vanity designs can become elegant and timeless options for the flexible style. The classic rounded design will be great to be installed alone or with chrome fished legs to create perfect blend. By combining the marble countertops and towel rails in chrome finishing too are great designs for vintage bathroom design. If you have a spacious bathroom, washstand vanity is a great choice. It doesn’t matter if the vanity doesn’t store any cabinets or drawers since you can have other space to install the storage solutions.

Single Sink Vanity

A single sink vanity design is a great choice for those with small bathroom. The single sink with quite large size will fit a small bathroom. Besides, a cupboard beneath the sink will give you a smart solution of storage. Combine the sink with wall mounted faucets that will maximize the space and enhance the aesthetic look.

Freestanding Vanity Design

Choosing a freestanding bathroom vanity designs is a great idea to improve the elegance. There are many freestanding vanity designs that can be found in bathroom fixtures stores. By choosing an elegant vanity in the right design and color, it will look like elegant furniture that beautify your bathroom. You also will have a sink and storage solution in the same time with freestanding vanity. Choose a freestanding vanity in black color; it will suit your white bathtub with black borders too. Add some bright colors in small things as the pretty accents.

Vanity Designs for Kids’ Bathroom

For a very own bathroom of your little ones, bathroom vanity designs to choose should have more storage solutions. It will make all the kids’ things are well organized including their bathing toys. About the cupboard and drawers designs, you can choose rainbow stripes for the lean and long vanity. It will be suitable for the kids and bring fun sense to the bathroom.

The key point to choose a bathroom vanity is how it can suit your needs and the bathroom space. Choose beautifulbathroom vanity designs to improve the beauty of the bathroom.

Simple and Small Bathroom Vanity Design
Simple and Small Bathroom Vanity Design. Image Source : bhg
Wooden Bathroom Vanity Design
Wooden Bathroom Vanity Design. Image Source : bhg
Bathroom Vanity with Natural Color
Bathroom Vanity with Natural Color. Image Source : bhg
Modern White Bathroom Vanity Design
Modern White Bathroom Vanity Design. Image Source : bhg
Beautiful Wooden Bathroom Vanity
Beautiful Wooden Bathroom Vanity. Image Source : bhg
Amazing Central Wooden Vanity
Amazing Central Wooden Vanity. Image Source : Home Designing
Twin Vanity Design
Twin Vanity Design. Image Source : Home Designing
Awesome Rustic Vanity Design
Awesome Rustic Vanity Design. Image Source : Home Designing
Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity
Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity. Image Source : Home Designing
Double Vanity Design
Double Vanity Design. Image Source : Home Designing