Balmoral House 1 / Wood Fence Panels for Stylish House Exterior Design


Modern and fantastic designs of wood fence panels are squeezing the Balmoral House  1 which has simple flat and box shaped building. Modern look and quiet environment can be seen from this neighborhood. This house is located in medium level environment, it means that this house is a modern real estate but not really crowded. The homeowner can owned calm atmosphere and also stylish house design. This house is created by Fox Johnson Architects and Australia owned this house.

House Near Wooden Shutters Also Wide Glass Walls Near Grass Yard

For the first part; outside and exterior, this house is wrapped in simple and stylish design and decoration of modern wood fence panels. It makes this building friendly and not really follow the trends because the shape is usual and also for the material combination. This is unique and attractive because this Balmoral House 1 plan black color for the modern tone and brown color for the natural tone. With those tone combination, this house looks very harmonize with the nature and environment outside. For protection it uses wooden grids gate and then the wall painted in dark grey color. The wooden garage door designed in the same motif with the gate.

Wooden Deck Near Long Blue Infinity Pool Also Glass Walls

Wide Pergola Also Wide Glass Walls Near Grey Stone Floor

For the interior part this building applying spacious, wide and high room inside. Thus makes the air and light easily to pierce and visit inside because this house has semi-hidden and semi-closed rooms, although there are some semi-opened rooms inside. This house is exposing the stylish designed by applying the glass wall so the inside and outside room can see double views. Wooden ceilings and wooden floors are applied for the interior in the same tone with the exterior part. The swimming pool is available in the side part which is looked like trench. Besides the pool, there is an open area terrace that can be used for sunbathing and relaxing.

House Near Wooden Floor Also Blue Pool Near It

Hardwood Floor Also Wide Opening Near Long Blue Pool

Living Room Near Wooden Coffee Table On Wide Carpet

Floor Inside Home Near Dark Wall Near It

Home Near Wooden Ceiling Also Dark Shutters Near It

This house in New South Wales combines woods and glasses in harmonize composite to serve the owner maximal. In this modern era, this balmoral castle house plan which applies wood fence panels with lattice top can be an alternative to creates stylish house building in catchy design and decoration.