Balcony House by A-cero | Marvelous Modern Family House


The modern family house with wonderful garden design ideas this time is not only created with simple and ordinary designs. The Balcony House is a very contemporary residence which is suitable for large families. From the exterior concept, we can say the model is futuristic and amazing. Every house has its identical style and some of them are built with their owner’s idea. But surely, the designers have the important role as well as the occupant.

It is true that no one will refuse the outdoor swimming pool like this house has. Beside the attractive pool design, the white tanned chairs are also arranged and supported the modernity here. A-cero is a great designer group and they made the same thing on this house in Madrid, Spain. They made the modern family house plans which consist of two storied building. They are also created the wonderful garden design ideas in front it.

Balcony House by A-Cero - White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Green Grass Garden

Balcony House by A-Cero - Clear Colored Outer Wall Made From Timber Along With Transparent Glass Handrail

Balcony House by A-Cero - Vast Garden Which Is Filled Near Green Grass Along With Several Green Plants

Balcony House by A-Cero - Clear Colored Concrete Floor Along With Tube Lounges

Balcony House by A-Cero - Swimming Pool Area

The family house project has attractive, unique and maybe amusing design. It is covered with all in white exterior concept and mixed with tempered glass material and rather dark. In the night, the garden lamps are very bright and supported with exterior lights. The front yard is also covered with green grasses. As if flooded with water, the house looks very amazing in the night. The concrete pool pavers are also applied and make it not slippery. The long infinity pool seems to be united with the nature.

Balcony House by A-Cero - Grey Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Dark Glass Windows

Balcony House by A-Cero

Balcony House by A-Cero - Bright Clear Ground Lamp Along With Purple Lighting From Inside

Balcony House by A-Cero - Bright Clear Ceiling Lamps Along With Bright Clear Garden Lamps

Balcony House by A-Cero - Black Colored Sleeper Chair Along With Bright Clear Ceiling Lamps

The interior design is following the construction contour, so this living room has curved ceiling. Beside the solid white paint, the wooden panel is also added. Under it, the khaki velvet sofa with similar color sofa table is arranged stylishly. Family gathering with dark sliding glass doors is comfortable and closed. Contemporary kitchen design which is furnished with wooden and glass furniture material is elegant. The Madrid modern family house design with the wonderful garden design ideas is totally amusing.

Balcony House by A-Cero - Cream Colored Floor Carpet Along With Brown Wooden Ceiling

Balcony House by A-Cero - Several Dark Cream Colored Long Sofa Along With Black Wooden Vanity

Balcony House by A-Cero - Living Room Decoration

Balcony House by A-Cero - Dining Area with Several Clear Chair Along With Dark Colored Marble Dining Table

Balcony House by A-Cero - Soft Brown Colored Wooden Vanity Along With Black Marble Countertop

Balcony House by A-Cero - Interior

Balcony House by A-Cero - Outdoor Sitting Area


Photography : courtesy of A-cero