Attractive Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas by Csorba Anita


This apartment is located in Budapest, Hungary. Designed by Csorba Anita, the designer that make this apartment decorating ideas applied stylishly. The eclectic theme is supported with attractive wallpaper motif. Ahead it, the wooden wall panel is used to patch the LED television and completed with contemporary home theater. The white fire pit is arranged and the long chimney is embedded on the abstract wallpaper. Blonde wall color is similar with the wall panel.

The glass window is appealing with tall curtains which are constructed from the purple pattern curtain and thin white blind. The small space to study or work is located beside the home theater. To come to the next floor, the wooden staircase is created which has stylish design. Beside the prefab staircase, the small dining room with rounded dining table and creamy dining chairs is minimalist. The modern bookshelves with deer antler ornaments are very nice. It is made of wood and look like steel material while the sunlight pierces on it.

Apartment in Budapest by Csorba Anita

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The deer antler motif is applied on some spots, like the wall beside the staircase. Every side of this apartment is decorated with wood and they look stylish. The corner sofa with polyester slipcover is very fresh with small throw pillows. Above it, the white bookracks are attached on the wall. The attractive pendant lamp with bowl shade made of metal is very contemporary. The arch lamp is also designed with the same model.

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Added some decorative plants or maybe flowers can make the room fresh and fragrance. Like the white orchid on the white rounded coffee table which is planted on the wicker basket. The corner kitchen design is new and nice with its modern concepts. Small built in lamps are very simple and united with the white ceiling.

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Photography :  Courtesy of Csorba Anita