The Polite House / Contemporary White Modern Residence


Looking for the experience to stay in the strange house with hanging fireplace, the modern living space in Trondheim, Norway becomes our reference to give you an experience. Designed by JVA (Project Year: 2012), The Polite House has unique building in white and the construction is unconventional for the front wall. Moreover, it makes the house looks different than others.

Shape Near Contemporary Architecture Near Some Window Also Clear Painted Wall

Located on the top hill, the cold atmosphere, which much snow around, adds the beautiful exterior for this modern living space design which applies hanging fireplace mantel. Moreover with its white color of the building makes the house looks so unique. The wall is so complicated by combining with wooden material, glass and metallic. It becomes once constructs the building to be a homestead. It is very good idea, where it is so special with its unconventional wall.

Moreover, for the other room, we can find the best living space in modern interior such as the dining room. It looks so elegant with the natural lighting from the glass wall. With its wooden table, the room looks so exclusive. Moreover the unique chair and some beautiful ceiling with balls bulb. Furthermore, beautiful coffee table next to the wide window will be very good place. It is very interesting with its nice concept. You will never think twice for having such a good idea for this wonderful interior.

Floor Living Space Near Black Hanging Fireplace Ideas

House Living Room That Black Hanging Fireplace As Divider Aside Dining Room

This house also looks more beautiful with its amazing fireplace. It makes the warm feeling to stay inside. Beautiful wooden cupboard, with bookshelves also complete the room to be more charming. Wooden pillar in the center of the room also looks so nice. Master bedroom is also designed to perfect in modern concept. Giving the pale palette and luxury furniture inside makes the room so enjoyable. This modern living space design ideas is completed with so many facilities, moreover it is very good choice for possessing the house with hanging fireplace design such as this house.

Polite House Open To Dining Space Near Some Color Pendant Lamps

Black Pendant Lamp Also Metal Chrome Range Hood Over Islalso

Polite House Near Cream Sofa Also Small Round Coffee Table Near View

House Near Corner Bath Tub Near Window Decorated Near Open Shelving

Staircase Made From Timber Near Natural Oak Balustrade Near Comfy Lighting

Small Window Also Clear Painted Wall That Looks Contemporary Also Fancy

View From Outside Near Hidden Balcony Also Glass Folding Door On Second Level

Outdoor Staircase That Leads You To Balcony Also Second Level EntryOutdoor Staircase Leads Owner To Second Level Entry Near Some Pots

Beautiful Also Comfy Lighting That Appear From Some Small Windows