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Depot House: Renovated House Made From Old Train Depot

Traditional Architecture Of Depot House Gray Organschi Architecture Near Wooden Wall Along With Wide Glass Windows
Located in a chill situation on Connecticut, US, this renovated house is amazingly built by Gray Organschi Architecture. This house is actually reconstruction of an old train depot building on there. It has 19th century architecture building with a good interior remake. You will get a contemporary house feature with a beautiful design. Let’s take a look at the...

Wooden Wall Panels for Contemporary Lakeside Home Design

Wooden Wall and Wooden Terrace under the Wooden Pergola
RES4 had designed a perfect lakeside home in Bloomingdale, New Jersey within super contemporary concepts of wooden wall panels. The contemporary atmosphere exudes right from the exterior and the interior. This project is called as Lake Losco, and designed as a pavilion-like house with woods as the main materials. Greens are surrounding the presence of this wooden home. The...


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