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Northbridge House II | Contemporary Home Design by Roth Architects

Northbridge House II by Roth Architects
The architectures in Sidney, Roth Architects have created a comfortable home design called Northbridge House II which is designed with a fashionable exterior model. Located in Northbridge NSW, Australia. The wooden deck with swimming pool is fresh and unites each other. The wooden entry staircase is also added behind the pool. The two story house building is attractive with its glass material....

Tennyson Point Residence by CplusC Architectural Workshop | Incredible Two Level House Concept

Tennyson Point Residence by CplusC Architectural Workshop - View from Tennyson Road
This luxury two level house called Tennyson Point Residence which is completed with a blue swimming pool is located in Tennyson Point NSW, Australia with the energy efficient ability. Designed by  CplusC Architectural Workshop, this house has the view of the beautiful harbor site. The shape of the house itself is simple from the front look. Wood is one...

San Lorenzo Residence: Indoor Planters for Interior Decoration of Square Chalet

Pool Decor Also Contemporary Outdoor Furniture
Jacobschang Architecture, a well-known architecture from California is finally able to finish his square chalet with decoration of indoor planters named San Lorenzo Residence. This residence is indeed designed by Colorful Furniture for its interior design. Hence, all interior decoration that is applied by this kind of furniture is looked so passionate. Now, let’s take a look at some passionate...


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