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Stunning Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Space of Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen with stylish kitchen island and pendant lighting
If you live in small studio house, Small Kitchen Island Ideas can be the perfect kitchen decoration for the interior kitchen. Instead of applying other designs, small kitchen islands also makes the kitchen has more space. Hence, you do not need to be worried on how to have a little fun on your kitchen. Usually, kitchen design of studio house...

Amazing White Home in Tavira by Vitor Vilhena Architects

Contemporary Exterior Of House Inside Tavira Near Clear Wall Along Near Wide Glass Walls Under Flat Roof
The material that is commonly used to decorate the home ground is ceramic floor. Ceramic is both stylish and gives shine to the room. It also make the room looks modern. The Vitor Vilhena Architects designed home with ceramic as its flooring. This house is addressed in Tavira, Portugal. House’s neighborhood is quiet and it will be so comfortable...

Oberen Berg House / Contemporary Home by Alexander Brenner

Yard Area under Green Planters Also Grass Giving Fresh Area
Stuttgart provides a contemporary home design called Oberen Berg House which is showing modern look of glass window for everybody who seeing it. Surely it has different concept that makes it different than other modern home building. Flat and simple are developed in this building, but it shows different look for the exterior. Generally this house built in simple and...

Belvedere Apartment / Modern Apartment Design with Charming White Interior

White Sofas Also Wooden Table Near Granite Floor
David Guerra Architecture has done designing a spectacular yet charming modern apartment in beautiful white interior and granite flooring. Located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this Belvedere Apartment literally represents its name. In Italian architectural design, Belvedere could mean a design for architectural structure to benefit the beautiful view outdoors, which can be enjoyed from this apartment through the large...

Foursquare’s Soho HQ / Creative Contemporary Office Concept with Modern Wallpaper

Sofa Also Purple Sofa On The Bottom from White Chandelier
This wonderful contemporary office with modern wallpaper we will take you to see today is one of the most famous social media sites: Foursquare. Located in New York, US, this Foursquare’s Soho HQ spectacularly mixes varying elements and styles to maximize the creative soul throughout this office building. Designed by Audra Canfield from Designer Fluff, this office building design...

Wooden Flooring in Modern Beach House Interior Design

Space Used White Sofa Furniture Also Wooden TV Cabinet as Home Inspiration
Finally, Owen Dalton OTD Design & Development is able to finish 21562 PCH in 2010, and is located in Malibu, California. Applying Modern Beach House for main design with wooden flooring. Main materials that are used for exterior design are wooden and concrete material. Actually, wooden material is applied for outdoor terrace, while concrete material is applied for main...


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