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Van Buchem House (2011) by Siebold Nijenhuis Architect

Vast Garden Filled Near Various Kinds Of Green Plants Also Several Green Ponds Inside Yard
What do you expect while making a villa design for your family vacation residence, home library furniture? It is for sure a comfortable living place which delivers a harmony between the house construction and the natural landscape around the building. You may expect as well an open space to enjoy the sunlight in the morning or hold a family...

Villa Kiana / Villa Design with Amazing Panoramic Surrounding

Decorated Among Tropical Gazebo With Green Landscapings
It is our time right now for giving our body to get resting in a great place; probably stay in wonderful villa design is a smart idea to get new inspirations after having hard work in the office. One of the beautiful islands in the world is island of Phuket in Thailand. The beautiful country which is still pure of nature is really...

Luxury Villa Design with Overhanging Flat Roofs

Artistic Wire Door Beautiful Ornamental Plants Concrete Floor Shiny Outdoor Light
Clijsters Architectuur Studio has brilliantly formed luxury villa design for a villa in Bilthoven. With a very contemporary and sleek figure, the villa stands elegantly in Utrecht, Netherlands. The main attraction of the design was about an overhanging flat roof which apparently appears very sharp and trendy. The whole design is in white, it absolutely produces a very lavish...


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