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Teak Flooring for Modern Residence Design with Simple Interior Touch

Driving Way Near Exclusive Gridded Fence Installed To Complete Building
We are sure about one thing that you will be excited for seeing the amazing modern residence called House of Warp and Woof which applies teak flooring and is built in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan by Architect Show Co. The residence is a private residence with high ceilings and unique windows. Therefore, for the exterior you will find the unique...

The Maison Franken / Private Residence Design with Wood Material

The Maison Franken by Bekhor Architecte - Interior Design
The Maison Franken by Bekhor Architecte is highly private residence design that located in the heart of Brussels, Belgium (Project Year: 2007). This lovely modern living space is indeed one of the products of modern housing era. The foreground of the design that use in this awesome residential design is modern design that is why you will find a lot of steel, glass and concrete material...


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