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The Mullet – Concrete Driveways in Attractive House Design with Spacious Living Space

Green Lawn Also Some Pots Beside Patio Near Colorful Chair
The house is the most important place for the family, therefore it is very important to choose house design you want to be as your house such as the one with concrete driveways. Modern and beautiful is the dream house. Moreover, you also want to make it yourself. Maybe you need an idea or inspirations to make it more...

Zhukovka XXI Residence / Posh Private Home With Modern Furniture

Grey Wall Also Glass Windows
Contemporary luxurious concept in modern furniture is shown by the design of this Zhukovka XXI Residence located in Moscow, Russia. This opulent home is designed by UNK Project in 2011. Using modernistic concept, this house looks alluring and sophisticated. Its beauty can be seen from the details of the modernistic design. Meanwhile, the sophisticated can be seen from the arrangement concept. Glass and concrete are...

Casa Sorteo / Tropical Exterior in Living Space with Natural Accent

Swimming Pool Designed in Stylish Look with Blue Tile Liners Completed Among Lounge Chairs
Besides of its spacious space, this tropical exterior also has the luxurious design concept with natural accent as the interior and exterior decoration. Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa completed this Casa Sorteo with the modernistic luxuries combined with the natural style. Tropical look is suitable to be applied as the exterior concept in this residence located in Monterrey, Mexico. The exterior style of this house looks contemporary with the...

Modern Interior Planters for Refreshing and Natural Home Design

Industrial Material in Small Shaped for Home Inspiration to Your House
For you who really love natural elements, we are sure that you will also love the modern interior planters that we would love to share you in this edition. Some refreshment, relaxing and rejuvenating feeling will be easily found in any natural elements. Start from its astonishing natural tones and patterns. Why not bring more natural items inside your...


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