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Casa Entre Árboles : Wonderful Modern Residence with Surrounding Trees

Fascinating Wooden Deck Outside Casa Entre Árboles Near Wide Glass Walls Along Near Cozy Living Room Inside It
Combining the nature with modern residence brings the different concept of home design. Modernity that relates with futuristic decoration is changed with the eco-friendly home design with the trees decoration. Large courtyard and also the middle yard can be applied to give the natural nuance along the home. Such as this place, surrounded by the trees, this modern house...

C1 House | Stunning Modern Residence Design with Rectangular Construction

Open C1 House Backyard Space Maximized For Playground Near Green Manicured Turfs Along Near Inground Swimming Pool
Located in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, C1 House was designed by German studio Dettling Architekten. This home constructs the idea of modern residence design in rectangular building construction. Gutsy outlook appears with the use of solid cement for the building. Glazed facades are placed at the front and back. The striking loft in curved design is presented in elegant appearance. Cozy living area...


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