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House G / Uniquely Modern Home Interior Design

Covering Attic Ceiling Illuminated Aside Arch Window
We are no doubt about this unique house which will make everyone falls in love for the first time because of the area rug clearance, it is a house design a project undertaken by Mazwan Architects + Urbanist and it was finished in a few years ago. The house is located in Geldermalsen. For looking good inspirations, we are...

Modern Moscow Apartment by Alexandra Fedorova: Integrated Loft Design in Russia

Living Room Decor Among Yellow Accent Chairs At Airy Apartment Moscow Near Grey Patterned Carpet Also White Oak Floor
Many people want to get integrated loft design in creating modern interior design of the loft. In this article we provide the modern design located in the city center of Moscow Russia. The designer, Alexandra Fedorova, designed this modern house called for a family consisting of five people, included parents and three children. In relation with the house, here are...


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