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House 780 by Stephenson ISA Studio | Modern White Home Style with Green Building Landscape

White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Silver Outer Blind Windows
The House 780 is a modern white home with green building landscape that is brilliantly designed by Stephenson ISA Studio. Located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom this modern home wonderfully features the bright and clean white paint color both for its exterior and interior designs. We really love how this simple touch can provide a truly impressive look as this...

Jarson Residence / Modern Home Design by Will Bruder Architects

Outdoor Spa Tub Among Patio Decorated with Outdoor Chairs
Some people want to build amazing house, wooden house with wash tub idea can be a solution. Wooden material gives natural sense in modern home design. It is smart choice for using wooden material to build modern home in the nature. The modern home can be builds in the natural environment. The modern house is built in the natural...

Glass Windows Decorative for Beautiful Modern Home

Exterior with White Pillars and Pergola near Grass Yard
The Penafiel Arquitectos, designers from Chile built a modern home within very dazzling designs of glass windows decorative, for both exterior and interior. The Lo Curro House was built within a very spacious area and modern design. The main concept that has been installed around this dwelling is the opened concept. It means, through the house you can straightly...

Outstanding Concrete Structure for Unique Modern Home

White Wall and White Staircase near White Door in the Roadside
The unlimited design possibility is one of the most attractive things in modern home creation with outstanding concrete structure. The freedom of creation leads us into so many variation of home design creation. There are so many unique modern house designs which you can refer to and one of them is this irregular shaped home design in Kanagawa, Japan....

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