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Natural Modern Home on Hill with Nature Surrounding

Contemporary Rooftop Garden Design At Kentfield House Appearing Contemporary Backyard Deck At Bottom Near Swimming Pool
Located on the slope of the hill, this modern home tries to merge the building with its surrounding nature. This house was designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. The house provides ultimate serenity as it is not located in a crowded area. Besides, Kentfield Hillside Residence will also spoil the residents with pretty and amazing view from the hill....

Outstanding Concrete Structure for Unique Modern Home

White Wall and White Staircase near White Door in the Roadside
The unlimited design possibility is one of the most attractive things in modern home creation with outstanding concrete structure. The freedom of creation leads us into so many variation of home design creation. There are so many unique modern house designs which you can refer to and one of them is this irregular shaped home design in Kanagawa, Japan....


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