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House H / Painted Brick Houses for Minimalist Home Design

House H by Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu - Wood Planks Installed To Cover Transparent Pavillion Next To Brick One
Looking for the ideas to build a minimalist house with painted brick houses? So we are sure to show you the amazing house with beautiful exterior. The house which is called House H is a private residence the project by Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu in Belgium. It was finished in a few years ago. The minimalist house design was...

Connaught Residence: Compact House Architecture with Sharp Color Contrast in Canada

Lawn Connaught Residence by Naturehumaine Yard Area under That Glass Windows Showing Interior Furnitures Design Ideas
Situated in Montreal, Canada, this compact house architecture has a bright white exterior color painting. It lies in such a sloped terrain which will make the house complete with its rectangular shape. It’s actually has a nice square cubic house with a beautiful color combination between the black and white painting. This house is called Connaught Residence and designed...

Dame of Melba: House with Wooden Exterior Enhancing Natural Nuance

Melba House by Seeley Architects Facade View Showing Glass Windows Feat Brics Wall Framed Design Ideas
Seeley Architects design this house with wooden exterior in Anglesey, Victoria, Australia. It’s called as Melba House and functioned as the holiday home for the family in the weekend. The house has a beautiful design with its wooden structure. It also carries the old-fashioned texture to match with the environment around. Visualizing the great coast view from here, this...


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