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Modern and Stylish Chicago Loft Interior Design by Bertrand Benoit

Room Among Grey Also Red Tables At Home Chairs Completed Teh Decor
Modern and stylish decorations are seen in this loft interior design which applies wooden storage and is located in Chicago. This house provides glamour and sophisticated looks for those who see it inside. The modern styles are lying among the silver theme color. The theme color makes the loft looks very bright and clean. Inspired by the Maisonette project...

Wooden Flooring Texture for Modern White Apartment Interior Style

Green Sofa and Rounded Wooden Table
To avoid the monotone impressions given by your apartment interior, Cristina Bordoiu could give you some amazing inspirations to try such as installing wooden flooring texture for white interior. Through her project in Arad, Romania, she designed a beautiful design for a simple apartment. She chose white color to dominate the residence. However, the presence of some colorful items...


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