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House 780 by Stephenson ISA Studio | Modern White Home Style with Green Building Landscape

White Colored Outer Wall Made From Concrete Along With Silver Outer Blind Windows
The House 780 is a modern white home with green building landscape that is brilliantly designed by Stephenson ISA Studio. Located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom this modern home wonderfully features the bright and clean white paint color both for its exterior and interior designs. We really love how this simple touch can provide a truly impressive look as this...

Multi-Level Apartment by Peter Kostelov | Inspiring Elegant Apartment for Outstanding Taste

Gorgeous Multilevel Apartment Interior Utilizing For Living Room Along Near Kitchen Near Contrast Interior Concept Idea
Peter Kostelov was designed this amazing apartment in 2011. Located in Moscow, Russia, this elegant apartment is suitable to fulfill your outstanding taste. The entire interior architecture is dominated with wood and granite materials. It creates new concept of life. The decoration of this apartment is also strengthening the beauty of the interior design.  Read this following article for further...

House 60 | Marvelous Tropical House by De La Carrera – Cavanzo Arquitectura

Eye Catching House 60 Front Yard Landscaping Plan Displaying Gridded Wall On Left Along Near Fresh Turfs Inside Brown As Well As Green
House 60, also known as Díaz House designed by De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura and completed in 2012. This tropical house is suitable for you who love modern design. The combination of tropical theme and modern touch give a new concept of living place. This house is perfect for you who want enjoy tropical atmosphere in your modern residence. Want to...

Kitchen Island in Modern Kitchen Interior with Stainless Steel Element

Rustic Style Kitchen Among White Wooden Cabinets and Stainless Steel Surfaces Also Beautiful Chandelier Hanged under Wall
Today, we will take you to see some ideas of modern kitchen interior with Kitchen Island that is equipped with stainless steel appliances and element. This shiny and sleek material is undoubtedly a great choice to make your kitchen space looks totally modern. You can find this element easily on the modern kitchen appliances, and you can even add...


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