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Natural Modern Home on Hill with Nature Surrounding

Contemporary Rooftop Garden Design At Kentfield House Appearing Contemporary Backyard Deck At Bottom Near Swimming Pool
Located on the slope of the hill, this modern home tries to merge the building with its surrounding nature. This house was designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. The house provides ultimate serenity as it is not located in a crowded area. Besides, Kentfield Hillside Residence will also spoil the residents with pretty and amazing view from the hill....

Stunning Garden House with Glazed Construction by Kochi Architect’s Studio

Awesome Garden House Exterior Landscaping Plan Involving Grey Gravels Wooden Pathway Along Near Green Plants
The use of glass for the garden house construction reveals the totality design of environmental house plan. Enjoyable courtyard around the residence can be captured by the eyes through the glass facade. Located in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, this garden residence showcases how the glazed wall around the house brings the magnificent nuance within it.  Completed in 2009, Garden House...


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