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1232 Sunset Plaza | Deluxe Modern House Design by Belzberg Architects

White Colored Building Frame Which Is Made From Concrete Along With Bright Lighting Inside
Belzberg Architects has inspiringly composed a luxurious modern house design with a rectangular glass coffee table for this lavish modern retreat named 1232 Sunset Plaza. Located in California, this dwelling stands elegantly, and it was completed with a spacious breezy courtyard and one modern infinity pool. The main building itself was appeared in white longitudinal structure, with an abundance...

Diamond House | Impressive Contemporary Home by Formwerkz Architects

Diamond House by Formwerkz Architects
Formwerkz Architects has brilliantly created a stunning contemporary home design with white painted wall for this modern multi-level retreat titled Diamond House which is located in Singapore. The iron wooden geometric structure appears as the most eye catching element of the design. Yes, the exterior decoration was appeared in a vigorous outlook through the presence of geometric cube which was...

Dubrovka apartment | Modern Apartment with Transparent White Curtains for Fetching Interior Design

White Colored Floor Carpet Along With Comfy Brown Wooden Floor
Peter Zaytsev from Za Bor Architects has impressively shaped a fetching apartment interior design with transparent white curtains for his modern apartment called Dubrovka apartment. He used modest platform as the idea and apparently decorated the whole part with minimalist trendy furniture arrangement. Yes, this catchy small studio was form with minimalist yet modish design. Located in Moscow, this...

Courtyard House | Open Floor Concept for Lovely Multi Level House Designs

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects ©DeForest Architects
DeForest Architects has beautifully composed lovely multi-level house designs with open floor concept for this modern retreat called the Courtyard House in Seattle, WA, United States. Completed in 2012, the strong beautiful wooden accent appears as the seductive platform for both exterior and interior decoration. Yes, wood was used for almost all of the part, of course along with...

Wedge House | Sophisticated Duplex House Design Concept by Soup Architects

Wedge House by SOUP Architects With Comfy Brown Colored Upper Wall Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer Along With Dark Colored Low Outer Wall
Soup Architects has amazingly created a sophisticated duplex house design called Wedge House with the glass sliding doors for this contemporary two level residence which is located in Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom. The design emphasizes on minimalist rectangular cube structure as the basic platform. Some modern shape and feature was also appeared enchantingly for the exterior decoration. For...


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