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Luxury Villa Design with Overhanging Flat Roofs

Artistic Wire Door Beautiful Ornamental Plants Concrete Floor Shiny Outdoor Light
Clijsters Architectuur Studio has brilliantly formed luxury villa design for a villa in Bilthoven. With a very contemporary and sleek figure, the villa stands elegantly in Utrecht, Netherlands. The main attraction of the design was about an overhanging flat roof which apparently appears very sharp and trendy. The whole design is in white, it absolutely produces a very lavish...

Wooden Patio Tile for Fabulous Wooden Home Design

Wooden Benches and Wooden Chairs near the Glass Walls
A perfect modern wooden home was built within a fabulous modern design with wooden patio tileĀ in Cachagua, Zapallar, Chile in the year of 2011. The designs are completely done by a famous architect named Par Arquitectos. This project is called as Tavonatti residence. It presents perfect combinations between nature and modern dwelling in one time. The exterior is dominated...


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