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Casa P12 by Martin Dulanto – Modern House Give Comfort with Panoramic Beach View

Amazing Details Inside Casa P12 Martin Dulanto Arquitecto Near Clear Kitchen Along With Clear Dining Room
An appearance of a modern house is exhibited in this seaside residence that is located in Lima, Peru. The house is built utilizing the shape of cubes that are neatly arranged. Martin Dulanto Arquitecto is the architectural studio that has created this beautiful house. The house is a manifestation of Casa P12 project. Surrounded by an open landscape of green...

House in Itaipava / Tranquil Wood Home by Cadas Arquitetura

Stunning Facade View Near Green Lawn Along With Stone Pathway Also Wooden Fence Beside Garden
Building a wood home in tropical area would be the perfect choice. Wood bears the material which manage to keep the household cool inside the house. It is very suitable for those who reside in the area which receives enough sun light all the time of the year. This time, the house we are about to observe is located in...

KN House / Stunning Budget Home Design by Adrei-studio Architecture

Architecture Backyard Displaying Natural Ground Near Trees
Built with an adorable appearance this family house represents the beauty of a budget home design with a small concrete yard. This house only needs as much as $15,000.00 to make it happen. This adorable house is made for a single family with two children so it doesn’t really need a lot of rooms inside it, but still that...


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