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Fairview Townhouse: Futuristic Home Offering Good Living Experience

Appealing Architecture Of Fairview Townhouse Aside Bucchieri Architects Including Combination Of Wooden Board Also Glass Windows On Front Wall
Located in Cleveland, United States, this futuristic home comes in a gravy accent with the modern stripes of the concrete exterior. It’s designed by Bucchieri Architects in 2012 with a beautiful cubic architecture. This house has a simple design that refers into a futuristic house style. The situation around this house is also good in a beautiful landscape. It...

Contemporary Stone House with Cubic Architecture Brings Old Age Nuance

Modern Architecture Of Vr Tapalpa House Elias Rizo Arquitectos Near Wooden Wall Along With Wide Glass Windows
For you who love to close with the nature, this contemporary stone house called VR Tapalpa House (2013) will be a perfect home living. This house is located in Mexico right on Tapalpa. Elías Rizo Arquitectos as the designer is trying to make a natural house with a contemporary design. It has a cubic architecture with the wall stone...

Farihaven Residence: Dream Square Resort Designed Minimalist in Australia

Fairhaven Residence by John Wardle Architects
Talking about Farihaven Residence, John Wardle Architects will say that this Dream Square Resort is the best resort on earth. With minimalist design for both exterior and interior design, the resort really has the most enchanting decoration. In addition, the glass panel that is used for both floors make the resort has the perfect view nook. The black color that...

Seaview House: Modern Rural Home Featuring Comfortable Airy Interior

Seaview House - Modern Rural Home Featuring Comfortable Airy Interior
The Seaview House is a modern rural home that is situated in Barwon Heads, Australia. Wonderfully designed by Jackson Clements Burrows in 2009, this rural home displays what is expected from any rural home. As you can see, the pitched roof is simply noticeable, right? Consisted of three pavilions, this home offers you a connection with modern style through...

Paling Fence House (2013) by NASA : Spot Light as Lighting System for Suburb House Design

Light Brown Wall Made Fro Wooden Also Thin Tall Window Made From Glass Panel
For you who live in suburb area must be willing to construct a comfortable suburb house with spot light for your family. Unfortunately, some people feel stack to find a right design for their residence therefore it left to be an ordinary one. Do not be worry since Paling Fence House which has been designed by Nasa will give...

Enchanting Portable Fireplace for Contemporary Terrace and Patio

Enchanting Portable Outdoor Fireplace
Designed for contemporary terrace and patio, Portable Fireplace brings the imperfectness to perfect design. As complementary furnishing and applied to outdoor heater, the fireplace becomes the most popular furnishing for both urban and rural people. In addition, it can also make the terrace and patio becomes so enchanting. Flaming appearance of outdoor fireplace is indeed looked so enchanting since it...

Boxenbaum Residence | Modern Residence in Beverly Hills by Ehrlich Architects

Circular Glass Coffee Table Also Chrome Arco Lamp Above It
What do you expect from a modern residence with outdoor lighting for comfortable living? You must think about how the building performed. Exterior design should be potential to attract everyone passing it, while home interior should not make you bored and annoyed. There must be excellent in every single side. Well, all your need is available in Boxenbaum Residence...


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